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High-end Watches are Not Good for Sale in Macao

It estimated that this year sales are not optimistic about the full year, high-end merchandise sales dismal, but the mid-range products sold relatively well. To optimize the structure of the industry at this time, to consolidate the existing business infrastructure, strengthening the mid-range tourists layout, I believe will get better next year, as well as a new round of growth.

Tourists are the main consumer retail Macau. There are retailers analysis, Europe, Japan and currency exchange rate falls, so many mainland tourists to Europe, the Japanese consumer, coupled with consumer willingness of mainland tourists are coming down, so should not be limited to the local Macau retail market, it should be extended to regional competition.

In the context of gaming revenues continued to fall, the decline in retail Macau Macau’s how sustainable economic development a reality problem. Macau Government Tourist Bureau recently said Wen Yee Wah, Macao is studying Trades From “along the way”, the promotion of “Maritime Silk Road” tourism theme, will visit along the “Silk Road economic belt” countries and regions, and the exchanges and cooperation. Tourism will vigorously develop the Southeast Asian market, combined with Guangdong, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other places together to promote “multi-destination” travel. The mainland market still has potential, we will change the situation in the past mainly in Guangdong tourists, and attract mainland tourists to other provinces, so that more tourists yuan.

There Macao media pointed out that Macau to get used to the new normal, so-called “normal” refers to the transition from a period of rapid growth in high-speed steady growth of the so-called “new” economy is turning from a Multi gaming single economic development, structural optimization balance.

Chinese Watches and Clocks Industry

According to China Watch Association statistics, China has more than 1,800 watch manufacturer, employs 32 million people; in 2014, the industry realized an industrial output value of 65.4 billion yuan, exports of $ 5.325 billion and imports $ 3.569 billion; total and watches yield 1.03 billion watch movements, clock and clock movements yield 540 million, respectively, accounting for 80% and 90% of world production. Our group of old watch company after long-term efforts, already has a production capacity tourbillon, perpetual calendar, chronograph multifunctional complex mechanical watches, is in addition to Switzerland, Germany, the only way to produce such high-grade machinery State table, and product technology, performance, stability, and gradually approaching the level of Swiss watches.

However, the Ministry of the responsible person, watch the product brand value is particularly significant consumer brand awareness has become an important factor for consumers to buy watches. Our watch industry backbone enterprises have mastered the production of other high-end tourbillon mechanical watch multifunctional complex ability, with the qualifications and international top brands competing against, but the brand awareness and recognition is still short board.

This result is, low value-added products, prices do not increase, one of the very few products of similar quality product price less than Switzerland and other countries; the level of corporate profits is not high, the product back to people with low-end image, and creating a vicious cycle, resulting in enterprises do not have enough energy and financial resources to increase brand awareness and innovation.

In addition, the watch industry-specific precision manufacturing technology and precision timing products have long service in various fields of national economy important equipment manufacturing, instrumentation, petrochemical, aerospace, and support for the independent watch brand building for the promotion of our country also raise the level of precision manufacturing It has important strategic significance.

Smart Watch Companies Compete with Each Other

Wearable devices are the next consumer electronics, last week came after Dell intends to enter can be wearable device market, there are already many manufacturers is imminent or has entered the smart watch market, what are the manufacturers and that they will be at what time Release products?

ST Liew Acer smartphone business division president, has said, Acer is now focused on wearable devices, he believes that every consumer electronics company should consider developing a wearable device. Wearable device currently is not a new thing, the development is still so silent because there is no reason to find a reasonable way to “explode” it, and this will lead to the outbreak of the industry generates billions of dollars. He also added that, in order to let it charge more convenient, Acer smart watch may use wireless charging technology.

Apple currently has 100 people dedicated team of designers and engineers iWatch development, as far as Apple wearable device technology has been applied for at least 79 patents, while Apple in Taiwan, Russia, Mexico and Japan and other countries We have started to apply “iWatch” trademark.

iWatch will provide, including phone calls, caller ID, map and monitor the health status and other functions (pedometer and heart rate recording). Rumors, iWatch display will be 1.5 inches, the size is likely to become the standard smart watches. In addition, like Samsung, Apple also needs to ensure future growth through smart watch business.

Safe and Trustworthy Smart Watch Manufacturer

The vendor vulnerability disclosed Shenzhen City-based Tongchuang Electronics Co., Ltd. This company is targeting children watch manufacturers targeting motherboard solution that provides built-in panel to watch makers combination molding, then save by the manufacturer to watch, that is, we often say “white” products.

An insider said: “Because it is the public version of the male mold, ease of production, the manufacturer in order to catch the production rate to get the motherboard directly processed directly encrypting step is omitted, while shipments panel makers to consider, directly on the abolition of the panel encryption, manufacturers, processors while ignoring the encryption panel, so that hackers can freely call directly to the panel data interface, and parents get even end equivalent to control permissions and technical personnel, and all this, simply password cracking tools can be completed. ”

The source also pointed out that the brand in question are in fact no independent intellectual property rights and research and development capabilities of small factories: “This is actually the industry’s low-cost manufacturers a common problem, that is, heavy yield, while ignoring the most basic security issues a lot. Taobao manufacturers for the cost of the pursuit of ignoring basic safety quality, and now has no way to remedy. such products Taobao price of dozens of pieces to a two hundred dollars, compared to the big brand price advantage is obvious , so shipments also great. “

Watch Got Watered after Washing Face in the Morning

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter Mr. Raymond Weil came together with the segment counter. Reporters saw indeed the combination of a few drops of crystal water droplets within Mr. Duan watch dial. In this regard, counter official said Raymond Weil watch replacement goods must go Depot detection process, and no power to directly counter replacement, counter official said: “For waterproof watch water, I am very puzzled, we wasted Mr. Duan watch waterproof testing, testing display watches really waterproof itself is not a problem. ”

Meanwhile, the official told reporters counters Raymond Weil watch water does not rule out the watch face when Mr. Duan into the mist of water droplets into a long time, so it is necessary to segment Mr. Raymond Weil a week’s time, further quality detection, “No matter what conclusion given by the manufacturer, if not satisfied with Mr. section, we will with Mr. Duan further consultations, to Mr. Duan a satisfactory answer as far as possible.”

Coordinated intervention by the newspaper reporter, Mr. Duan and businesses eventually reach a consensus, agreed to conduct advanced Depot detection of seven days. However, Mr. Duan suggested that if Raymond Weil final goods can not give him a new one, he wants to refund.

In this regard, Raymond Weil watch counter official said, after the test results watches Depot Mr. Duan worn out internal Raymond Weil will discuss Mr. Duan’s personal use, Mr. section before August 17 will give a final the answer, if not satisfied, you can then further consultations.

Craftsmanship Determines Watch Collection Value

Chinese art market and the entire environment fit, watch market also began to rise. It is understood that the current group of watch collections, the span is very large, from white collar workers to a shot is a large collection of ten million dollars coffee, people have various levels of consumption. People use mobile phones instead of the watch function, but also increasingly appreciate the unique charm of the timepiece.

“Vacheron Constantin” Mask “series of watches will be rare and masks from around the world into which is Vacheron Constantin startlingly ambitious. In addition, the world’s limited 100 Jaeger-LeCoultre MASTER GRANDE TRADITION series of three questions watches and Patek Philippe 5140R model calendar watch equivalents special focus of auction-based. there are a Rolex, Piaget, Cartier, Panerai, IWC and other well-known brands, as well as 18-19 century Western antique clock. each piece are the ultimate exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design, integration of epoch-making cutting-edge technology, the highest level of artistic jewelry watches revealed. “Huayi international auction Co., Ltd., general manager of Guangzhou jewelry watches Zhu Xu Lei introduction, this special watch Honor autumn auction, will launch a world-class collection of over 80 pieces and watches 21 member of Western antique clock.

“Process is the second element of the value of watches. The most outstanding feature of the early Chinese market shows the micro-painted enamel, is painted on enamel glazes disk division draw, due to the different heat glaze after each color change, often require multiple on color with multiple firing to complete, so the yield is very low. Again metal carving, carved by the teacher to complete, inlaid jewelry by jewelers, setters, grinding division to complete. “Zhu Xu Lei told reporters, the third element is the cultural value watch: “one is the cultural industry, and the second is the brand culture.”

China is Still the Major Market of Swiss Watch

Paasche in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter interview that Swiss watch exports fell last year there are many reasons. First, since the beginning of last year, the Swiss franc and the euro decoupling francs rapid price rise, the Swiss watch compression corporate profit margins; secondly, the Swiss watch last year several major markets each face special challenges, slowing economic growth in China; the Russian ruble sharply devaluation; oil and other commodity prices impact the Middle East market consumption capacity; Paris terrorist attacks also affected its sales in the French market.

2016 Basel World Watch and Jewelry Show on March 17 to 24 held about 1,500 watch and jewelery brands from around the world participating. Since last year, the Swiss watch industry’s total exports compared to the previous year, there has been a 3.3% decline on this Watch Fair, the industry and forecasts for future discussions about the industry outlook also showed cautious.

The latest data Swiss Customs 22 released in February this year the Swiss watch exports still reverse the negative trend, already the eighth consecutive decline. Paasche expects the first half of 2016, Swiss watch exports will remain downward trend, but exports will gradually remain stable in the coming years, sales in 2016 are expected to be flat with the year 2015.

At the same time, Paasche future performance of the Chinese market is still full of confidence. He said the Chinese economy over the past ten years has maintained rapid growth, currently only enter into a “consolidation” phase; the same time, as a number of middle-class Chinese timepiece potential consumer groups continues to grow, so, even though Swiss sell to China in recent years the number of clocks decline, but the future of the Chinese market will continue to maintain the position of the Swiss watch industry’s largest market.

Qin Hongjie Needs More Compensation about Her Watch

Outbound process encountered a similar problem, the team leader if there is deal with standard process? Haifeng believe that the leader does not have permission to search other members of the package, but the leader has the responsibility and obligation to the police, seek local police help, in cooperation with the police, View other members of the portable package. He believes that the leader of methods to deal with this unexpected event of a defect.

Deputy General Manager of Wuxi Overseas Tourism Co., Ltd. Xiao Jingxi think, after the contract has no legal effect retroactive, in violation of the relevant provisions of the “Travel Act”, there is a serious violation of Jiangyin shops. In accordance with company practice, Jiangyin shops should be full compensation for the loss of tourists. He told reporters that if tourists travel contract was signed, and the first time after the accident at the scene alarm processing, you can travel with these materials claim to the insurance company, the insurance company to verify the situation, the claims made in the travel agency liability insurance range.

Storm Qin Hongjie party leader told reporters, Ms. Lee informed when the watch is lost, the airport is less than 10 minutes’ drive away, and take off, but also more than two hours, if the police for help, will inevitably lead to the whole group of stranded South Korean airport, the time has not allow the police for help, he can only suggest that Lee and his companions opened their luggage room and see if misplaced, “I did not claim a full member of the corps opened the trunk to conduct a search.”

Wake Up Yourself by Smart Watch

Watches can also shake pictures? yes, the Philippine Star D8 to meet your needs. After the installation of a mobile phone APP, as long as the shake watch, you can easily control the phone remotely take pictures.

Long battery life. Philippine Star Intelligent Quartz watches D8 has a long battery life, can work for six months or more, so that you re-experience the smart watch.

Philippine Star Intelligent Quartz watches D8 has to make you wonder waterproof performance. Innate fear of water, the use of sophisticated technology sealed waterproof, water resistant to 50m, bathing, swimming, you can make love to watch close companions.

Intelligent call technology, when the Philippine Star intelligent quartz watch D8 Bluetooth connection, phone calls, receive SMS will vibrate, can effectively avoid bobble, arguably the best mobile assistant.

Early morning jog, real-time motion pedometer. It can accurately calculate the running distance, frequency distribution, and other data with speed, control motion, make you aware of. Not only can record real-time step, but also real-time monitoring the quality of sleep, the Philippine Star intelligent quartz watch D8 deep sleep, light sleep, waking state determine the number and records, comprehensive health care for your life, to help you understand each night’s sleep quality.

China Has Been Prepared for Top Quality Watches

China government work report this year for the first time referred to “artisan spirit.” In fact, many European or German engineer watchmaking family life only one thing to do, why they do it really put calm down, insisted in the end, is not swayed by the external environment?

Artisan Spirit flowing in our blood. Germany has a lot of good engineers, but must have a good craftsman, because they are complementary. German craftsmen on the education system, the project is very complete and has a long history. We have long ago apprenticeships, the traditional skills of craftsmen and spiritual generation to generation, so the spirit of German craftsmen have very deep roots.

Although the culture of different countries are not the same, but there are some things in common. That is, to make a person do the things you like, engaged in his favorite occupation, so he was always passionate, the results are usually very good. And if he does not like it, might just do it for the money, he would not enjoy the process, the final result is not necessarily good. So, I recommend young people to follow their own talent or interest in choosing a career, so while you are working will have a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction. If you just follow the money, it may not be very good.

In addition, the working environment will affect the work for you. Many top Swiss watch factory in Jura, there are isolated valleys and small mountain village. In fact, this is the historical origins. Former residents of those villages are heavily dependent on farming and livestock to survive. Winter weather is bad, these is no way to work, so the crafts and watchmaking industry has flourished in these places, and gradually developed into a profession locals depend for survival.

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