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A Student Who Masters Different Languages was Recruited into LVMH

Recently, the world-renowned luxury watch sales company PMT THE HOUR GLASS (Euro-kai) customer service site recruitment in Beijing five-star hotel – Millennium Hotel. After selecting layers more than a month, Shandong Vocational College of Foreign Affairs translation students outstanding performance has been highly praised employers, the recruitment of a total of 10 places, Shandong Vocational College of Foreign Affairs translation white Jing, Wang Xue, Sun day after three students rigorous selection from hundreds of interviewers come to the fore, having passed the examination, they will arrive this month, the company is located in Asia’s largest flagship store in the world of luxury watch sales in Phuket resort PMT tHE HOUR GLASS work.

THE HOUR GLASS company headquartered in Singapore, is Asia Pacific’s leading professional watch retail stores group, is the only watch retailer in Singapore Stock Exchange listing. Since its inception in 1979, has a global 24 countries and regions, stores, is cross-regional, multi-regional professional brand luxury watch retailer. Acting brands include Cartier (Cartier), Patek Philippe (Patek), Rolex (Rolex), Omega (Omega), Jaeger LeCoultre (Jaeger), Tudor (Tudor), Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet), Breguet (Breguet), etc. More than 50 luxury brands. The company will provide top sales elite training system. Perfect promotion channels, comprehensive performance incentive program, excellent working environment, it will lay a solid foundation for the students career.

Since March 2013, Shandong Interpreters Vocational College and University Graduates Employment Information Network of Shandong docking, according to overseas talent needs of multinational companies, we promptly set up overseas employment train. So far, more than 50 people to obtain overseas employment visa, the success went to Singapore, Thailand-end jobs, the average monthly income of 8000-12000 yuan.

The Special Making Skills on Luxury Watches

This 42 mm watch with full calendar typical classical design dial showing the time display and a complete calendar functions. Central dial with a red crescent tip blue steel hands to indicate the date of the outer dial. Week and month display at the bottom of the dial at 12 o’clock and set side by side. It was below the dial moon phase display. Adjust the date, week, month and moon phase display quickly and easily, simply by pressing the embedded side of the case corresponding to the button to complete.

Watch the presentation in the form of a traditional clock the regular time. Bilateral decorative enamel dial at 6 o’clock hour, to 24 hours and display panel. There are two hours pointer on the dial at 6 o’clock: the upper part of the blue steel hollow pointer to indicate the location of the time, gray beneath the pointer to indicate the home time. Tourbillon region slightly lower compared to the dial plane, the peripheral region of the dial for precise timing of 1/5 second seconds tick, and also for the minute display.

Recently, 2013 “Watches & Wonders” first Asia Watch Fair held in Hong Kong, in order to make this event more colorful watches, top international luxury brand Montblanc extraordinary new work not only with stunning debut, but also specially designed a personalized experience through links, close demonstrate its sophisticated watchmaking to visitors, unlimited imagination and passion ignited watch collectors and enthusiasts.

No Companies Would Like to Help Apple Develop IWatch

“We have been working with smart wearable device market upstart negotiations, but that is not initiated by us,” Nick Hayek said, “but we have no reason to reach any agreement to find. Do not forget, you need two hands or speech recognition to operate smart watch, which requires a lot of electricity, which is difficult to achieve in a very limited space. ”

Nick Hayek confirmed that the company has with a number of companies for wearable products were negotiating, but he was not interested to cooperate with any company. Hayek said that many companies have taken the initiative and the technology giant Swatch contact, but he does not think the company has reason to cooperate with any company.

Also watch other vendors charge also indicated a wish to undercut wearable device equipped with its own team, which will enter the watch maker Apple and other technology groups as a threat. Luxury jewelry company Louis Vuitton watches and jewelry department head Jean-Claude Biver said that Apple wanted to poach employees Hublot’s department, but without success. Hublot is not just Apple would like luxury watch company producing precision parts for the mining personnel from these actions have not been successful.

Smart Watch Made by Alibaba Group

Smart watch movements, and smart watch, intuitive concept gives it a product, rather than a company, however, from the Shenzhen-based company is really called “smart meter core technology”, that is, for their products the majority of traditional watch manufacturers smart watch movements.

Smart Form core technology to transform the traditional quartz movement, a movement with the smart chips integrated to form an integrated form the core SmartMovtC001. It is the volume of the original table is basically the same core, it is installed in a conventional watch case where instead of the traditional movement, you can make the watch has a traditional appearance of the watch, long battery life and step counter, message alerts and other intelligent functions.

Implemented in such a small form the core of intelligent and achieve long battery life is not an easy thing, this, Wang Hui said: “The traditional watch industry, by the history of sedimentation and manufacturing technology of habit for a long time, the machine core manufacturer, solutions provider and a watch factory in their respective segments buried development, it was difficult for them to be able to integrate the whole industry chain resources, open up technical barriers, lead the watch industry intelligence process. ”

Smart form the core technology R & D team watch industry across traditional industry and smart dressed, some in the watch industry for over 10 years, but also in 2007 began to study smart wearable electronics, communications equipment professionals. Let’s cross-border team background on the intelligent transformation of the traditional table have inherent advantages. we started 13 years form the core of this study, both in the main chip, software and hardware design, component selection, movement or intelligent modules, the antenna structure, APP build on the current R & D results have skillful and technical experience.

Quartz Watch for Handsome Men

Contained in its watchmaking and technology, mechanical movement is the first choice for high-end watches. Mechanical watch needs regular maintenance and repair, but once properly maintained, it is longer than human life, and therefore can become a heritage for future generations valuable items. And use different battery quartz watch, mechanical watch is driven by clockwork. Generally, mechanical watches after the last spring can operate 30-40 hours, the longest can last about 10 days. With the advances in watchmaking, mechanical movement is also divided into two types: manual movement and automatic movement.

2 Reading 1 awareness movement grinding process called polishing grinding process, including functional and decorative sanding sanding. Functional polished performance against the run of the movement, such as deburring, matching the contact surface, grinding wheel and so on, but really bring the beauty of decorative polished, including the Geneva common pattern, scale pattern, pearl pattern (the first two high similarity), radiation pattern, drawing, grinding, polishing, chamfering, as well as the common German table carved. Of course, the original decorative polished often with the demands of functionality.

Major aspects, processing, sophistication, completion of the unseen places; small ways, chamfered smoothness, gloss, fine texture density, uniformity, etc., are considered standard polished movement. Polished sophistication, plating processes and assembly quality (including defective processing) determines the quality of grinding. In general, the higher the level of participation by hand, polished better.

The Development of World-renowned Watch Makers

16th century French Reformation led to a massacre. Reform leader was to follow him with Calvin theological concept Huguenots, have fled to the Swiss-French border town of Besancon, France at the time, this is one to watch industry known industrial city. To make a living, these fugitives, they are familiar with choose to watch factory.

But it did not last long, and constantly set off religious conflict, making some excellent watchmaker who diaspora next to Switzerland, which brought the watch manufacturing technology. The French and Swiss watchmaking art fusion of local gold and silver jewelry, evolved out of watchmaking disabilities. Since then, the Swiss watch industry from Geneva near the French continued to spread out, spread mainly to the northeast along the Jura Mountains line, has spread throughout northern Switzerland, and the continuity of development.

1747 Born in Switzerland in Neuchatel Abraham-LouisBreguet (1747-1823), his life most of the time living in Paris, France, as was the top watchmaker, specifically for the royal family watch politicians making expensive. King Louis XVI Marie Anton Antoinette, Napoleon and Josephine, and President George Washington are his clients. He is also “Tourbillon” (tourbi1on) founder. Thus, it is easy to see, Swiss and French origins in the field of watchmaking.

Smart Watch Makes More Chances for Traditional Watch Maker

Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer (TAG Heuer) and Japan’s Casio watches and other computer companies are to compete in the field of smart watches. Each company will re-think the smart watch to attract young people back to the watch market. On the other hand, Omega and other high-end Swiss watch manufacturer believes that smart watch is “totally different” items, to enter the market cautious. Held in Switzerland on “Basel Watch Fair (Baselworld)”, Nihon Keizai Shimbun observed global provider of watch movements.

“Because there is no requirement to predict before this happens.” November 2015, launched the $ 1,500 TAG Heuer Tiger smart watch, chief executive officer (CEO) Jean – Claude Beaver (Jean-Claude Biver) regret at the news conference. TAG Heuer Tiger because of smart watch a launch, on a global scale, sold 20,000, even once out of stock. “I have great confidence in this market.” Tag Heuer has decided to produce an additional 60,000.

World watch market often ignore good ignore bad. In addition to economic trends, popularity of smart phones has also led to the young no longer need to watch. For the full year more than 1.3 billion of the overall watch production, the smart watch is still only a very small scale. Thus, in the traditional watch industry, as compared with the existing concerns about Smart Watch products compete, the more looking forward to get the needs of young people through smart watch.

Casio exhibited in use when hiking and fishing “for outdoor use smart watch WSD-F10”. Waterproof function, but also networking record climbing routes. Casio has been with models of mobile communications, this watch Andrews smart watches dedicated platform (Android Wear), officially entered the smart watch market. WSD-F10 will be available March 25, Casio president Kashio and macros Prior, “said customer response was very good.”

Simple and Classic Tissot Design

The pursuit of precision performance and stylish appearance Tissot fusion of watchmaking since its founding in 1853, its high performance and high quality have been recognized in many ways. Junya Tissot watches Tissot watchmaking tradition bearer, the appropriate nostalgic elements decorate fashionable tabulation process, the cutting-edge technology and contemporary retro design integration, to create a precise and practical and beautiful watch. Watch House today to bring you a simple, classic style watches Tissot Junya.

This watch diameter of 33 mm and a thickness of 7.3 mm made of solid steel case, simple retro. Internal Use Case style simple white dial, using the sweep indicates the time on the dial, three o’clock and date display, sapphire crystal glass table mirror cover. Case with black leather belt with the use of stainless steel material folding buckle. Watch also features a waterproof 30 meters.

Watch dial retro classic, simple style, using the sweep time indication white dial with 10 hour markers and Arabic numerals “6” and “12” as the standard, easy to read; and specially designed watch second hand , novel and unique. Three o’clock date display window, increasing the usefulness of the watch.

A Celebrated Watch Repairer Born in 1990

For the repair of the table will be the master, and most people are holding the tribute, in this line of business whenever some old age, most people will be revered as “old master.” Of course, they have a collectively called “the watchmaker.” Just as time goes by, in today’s Wuhu City, rarely seen in Table watchmaker repair stall. In the years of change in, along with the tick Ruoyouruowu, some people are concerned that if this line will face fewer people heritage embarrassment. It is also because of this, only 25-year-old Wang Yu actually become a unique presence, he has vitality after 90, also has a careful and calm craftsmen.

Wearing a trim black suit, sat at the table lamp staring Wang Yu, on the watch with extraordinary dedication and patience. If not chat with him, to hear him recite familiar brand name watches, parts, it is hard to imagine that this young man has fought and watch ten years of dealings. A teenager, he used to watch when the motorbike taxi driver father repair, over time they fell in love with mechanical maintenance. “When I was little, toy, wrenches, screws, welding tools.” CDC clearly remember the first two days of that year a student wearing a watch back through to the class, before he opened the way to a world watch doors.

“Because the back is transparent, so the list of components see clearly.” Look at those delicate parts operation, thus promoting the progress of time, Wang Yu suddenly felt watches mechanical principle called “wonderful” back Once home, he will be home in the old empty table to find out constantly disassembly. From the initial split with scissors hard to find parts interlocking ring between “tricks” after the demolition clever, young Wang Yu learned not only watch from the composition, but also gradually on the inner world of the microscopic fine increasingly obsessed since branched out. In one year, day after pondering study, the CDC even without a teacher learned to repair table. College students he helped repair the table, and then as a soldier comrades repair the table, until 2014, veteran Wu back to the CDC, simply set up a watch studio in Jiuhua village, officially became his full-time repair of the table , through a variety of watches and “time” handle a laugh.

Recommended Moon-related Watch from Baoyue

Tides rise and fall from the mountain and sea changes, changes in the moon phase indication of the change of time, very wonderful and full of poetry. And among the thousands of watch, moon phase function and it can be described as the most romantic time of expression. Since 1983 revival of moon phase watch, when the founder of the classic meter, top mechanical Swiss watch brand Blancpain has developed a large and rich moon phase watch family. Wherein when the count in the interpretation of a variety of phases of the moon Waxing moon while parked along Acacia friendship.

Moon with its “successful, bright” character, aptly coincides with the Chinese culture, “a successful life, family reunion,” the appeal. Meanwhile, the “month also wanes,” the path of life but also as constant turnover of moon phase, as in the ups and downs in the harvest of wisdom and wealth. In fact, the moon phase display is a complex function has been buried, until the early eighties of the last century Blancpain re-interpretation of the rear of eligible students. At the time of the “quartz crisis”, is to embrace the deep faith of the time, the whole-hearted love of watchmaking, Blancpain extraordinary ability to play the extreme, with a full calendar month opened a camera core Cal.6395 1980 Switzerland’s top watch the big screen revival. Unique willow-shaped pointer, elegant Roman numerals and moon phase disc expressive harmony, co-record the classic generation to generation, and Blancpain on time and adhere to the faith.

Blancpain Villeret series Caruso’s first moon phase watch equipped with the advent this year of new self-winding movement Cal.225L, will be aimed at reducing the influence of gravity on the movement running Caruso, leading the revival of mechanical watchmaking moon phase display two big complex overlay function. New Cal.225L movement stable performance, consists of 281 parts, 61 parts Caruso is designed for institutions located. In addition, the movement is also equipped with a silicon balance spring, with a five-day power reserve. This new work makes a big moon phase Po Po Pang family grow increasingly complete. Above pure understated fire enamel dial, a Caruso precise rotation and a wonderful moon and stars ablaze silhouetted against each other, it goes without saying that the fun of playing.

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