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Several Supervisors Working for LVMH Have been Designated

By weaker demand and the impact of weak sales, famous watch maker Tag Heuer TAG Heuer interim CEO and president of parent company LVMH watch Jean-Claude Biver told Reuters in an interview that the brand has in the end of 2014 to “cleanse” more highly tube to cut jobs, while promoted from within the staff serving more than marketing, sales, customer service and other functions important positions, driving the attempt to re-brand watch sales.

China and Hong Kong anti-corruption due to the weak market, as the first and third largest Swiss watch export market downturn led directly to the Swiss watch exports in the past two years were only 1.9% increase, the Swiss watch exports to China market is recorded in two consecutive years It declines. Jean-Claude Biver in September 2014 disclosed that Tag Heuer TAG Heuer will therefore be cut, and it will cut 46 management and production positions and set 49 employees on temporary unemployment, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer, former president and CEO Stéphane Linder also leaving at the end of 2014 from the company.

Jean-Claude Biver explained promoted from within first, because brand management experience changes such as the introduction of talent from the outside brought fear destruction, the second is the internal staff a better understanding of the company and the brand’s history and culture.

Allegedly Tag Heuer TAG Heuer annual sales of about 900 million euros, of which about one-third from the United States the largest single market, accounting for the Group’s brand watches, jewelry sector annual revenue of about 2.782 billion euros in the third. LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (MC.PA) Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton Group fiscal 2014 watches and jewelry segment revenues increased 3% on a comparable basis increased by 4%, but the sector’s net profit from continuing operations It slumped 23 percent to 283 million euros, almost since 2013 –2014 global watch brands are basically clear inventory, discount sales, the Hong Kong market is particularly serious.

Famous Chinese Watch Maker Xu Jiabao

75-year-old civil inventor Xu Jiabao Wujin Wu Tong people, namely the Department of mainland China when the first founder of the International Independent Institute (AHCI) alternate members, Chinese master clocks, precision mechanical engineers, more than 50 years in the manufacture of watches. Flyball instrument he invented won several awards at major events like the International Watch Fair, wherein fly ball seventh generation instrument into 2010 Swiss International Watch and Jewellery Show booth dedicated watchmaker independence for our country in the world watches and clocks contention a place.

This turtle dragon playing with a pearl instrument, Xu master took four years, mechanical transmission handmade ball, with base length of 1.15 m, including wide and 0.59 meters, 1.12 meters high, weighing about 150 kg. Appearance by the dragon turtle, the Great Wall, catfish, backgammon and other rich Chinese traditional culture implication member, and the clock, bridge composition, the base has a built-in mechanical power source, where the Great Wall in the possession of Qianlong, backgammon containing liter ball apparatus.

Playing with a pearl dragon turtle fabrication of very clever. Instrument 24-hour format, each to the whole point, Qianlong Great Wall will be slowly rising, while the dragon turtle on the Big Wheel also head mouth; with the “bang bang bang” Chinese gong sounded, dragon eye flashing in red, green dragon turtle places respond. Subsequently, the dragon turtle Pearl spit into the mouth of the dragon, and then slowly sinking, lost in the Great Wall, the dragon turtle then turn left 180 degrees, bow spit into the Pearl eagerly waiting for the catfish mouth. Finally, the dragon turtle right turn 180 degrees homing, Pearl into the bridge and rolled into the Big Wheel supplementary power to the clock movement, more than a dozen actions through mechanical linkage one go.

Xiaomi is Not the Top 1 Factory on IDC

IDC said, Fitbit first quarter, total shipments of 3.9 million units wearable device, the world’s largest wearable device manufacturers, an increase of 1.7 million over last year, the market share of 34.2%. A quarter Fitbit market share of 44.7%, when the wearable device market has only just begun, competitors are few.

Millet occupy second place in the first quarter of this year it shipped a total of 2.8 million units, a market share of 24.6%. It is noteworthy that, millet able to occupy this position entirely on sales of 79 yuan millet bracelet single product.

Samsung occupies fourth place in the first quarter of this year it shipped a total of 600,000 units. Samsung is the only top five Android Wear smart watch manufacturers, the manufacturers of smart watches has launched six products, but only using the Gear Live Android Wear platform, others are based on Tizen.

With the market in April Apple Watch, the wearable device market will undergo significant changes in current Apple has not yet announced its smart watch shipments data, do not know in the next quarter, Apple could table in the first row.

Hewlett-Packard Smart Watch Designed by Michael Bastian

Hewlett-Packard last year by the Michael Bastian MB Chronowing watch design, configuration, non-touch monochrome display, but there are some smart features. Now, HP and Swiss watch suppliers Movado (Movado) to launch a new watch –Movado Bold Motion. Pointer has a stylish new watch design, however, and MB Chronowing as, under the disguise is actually a networked watch.

Bold Motion water level of 50 meters, made of stainless steel, black or black vacuum coating technology vacuum coating process. Both are equipped with a black silicone rubber strap containing 3M reflective material.

Bold Motion App does not use heavy digital display, the configuration is standard 44mm dial and LED backlight (blue or white). You can not return messages or read messages on your watch. However, LED light will be notified when the message to remind you through a specific radiation pattern and vibration.

Bold Motion is also equipped with a number of steps tracker, your daily progress through the ring around the dial display. It is said that before charging the battery again to support a whole week, equivalent to the level of Pebble.

You can set which notifications you want to receive, such as social software reminders, e-mail, calendar, travel, etc., you can also set the target of daily steps by supporting App. App is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Water-proof Watch can Only Keep Away Most Water

Recent high temperature, humidity, rain, so often wear watches people should pay attention to the daily water moisture, to the conservation of the watch.

Leather strap was wrapped wrist sweat easily, but the leather strap most taboo is wet, whether it is discharged from the body sweat or rain water, domestic water, will shorten its life. Therefore, when the leather strap sweat stains, after rain, you should wipe with a paper towel, then dry thoroughly natural, do not use a hair dryer or direct sunlight to dry. Usually develop the habit of washing hands off the watch during the summer to participate in activities as much as possible not to wear hydrophilic. For easy sweating or prolonged outdoor jobs for people, it is best to wear a suitable summer steel bracelet, ceramic bracelet, rubber strap or nylon strap watch.

Some people think that as long as the water table is absolutely waterproof, this is a misunderstanding. The most common everyday life waterproof watch only part of ordinary life waterproof, drop and light rain falling raindrops when handwashing can prevent the splash, but in the bath, water will directly take the case, and can not play the role of water in peacetime hands, wash fruits and vegetables, wash the car, it is recommended to come off. Watch waterproof specification except 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 300 meters and 500 meters and other different types. In addition, no matter how high waterproof specification tables are designed for cold water, so avoid hot water stained.

The First 3D Printed Watch All Throughout the World

Swiss engineer Christopher Lemo (Christopher Laimer) recent use of 3D printing technology to produce a piece of watches. Watch website Hodinkee I believe that this is the world’s first use of a 3D printing manufacturing, while a working watch.

Lemo in a video presentation of this timepiece works. Hodinkee believes Lemo results represent a major breakthrough in 3D printing technology. However, this watch is still flawed. It can only work for 30 minutes, while the timing is not very accurate. Further, as a pocket watch, the size of this device is too large, the height and width are about 9 cm. However, Lemo success shows, 3D printing technology can also be used to make watch this complex and sophisticated machinery.

Lemo of this device is almost entirely based on 3D printing elements, other elements do not use 3D printing manufacturing mainly metal screws, washers, and a variety of connectors. Lemo entire design has been uploaded to Thingiverse site, so anyone can use sufficiently sophisticated 3D printer to produce this pocket watch.

Swiss Watch Companies are Confident on Chinese Market

Swiss watch industry to shrink to the table again and again fell, led by industry, but still no way to predict bottoming watch industry, ushered in the performance of the rectification is inevitable. There’s as many high-end watch brands Richemont years ago has announced layoffs.

However, after adjustment terms, Richemont said it will adjust the size of the layoffs shrink. Richemont original plan would Cartier, Piaget and Vacheron Constantin three watch brands 350 layoffs, but the result of negotiations the union, therefore, the final job cuts will be primarily for Cartier, the final number from 350 down to 100 people about. The one that will cut 70 positions occur within the Cartier brand, and the remaining 30 places will be layoffs occur within Piaget and Vacheron Constantin.

With more than one watch brand, especially in the holiday season last year, the overall Richemont jewelry sector dragged down the performance of the Group, meanwhile, continued to shrink watch industry but also to Richemont had to make layoffs decisions. In addition, analysts from investment banks believe that the downturn Swiss watch exports, so the luxury goods industry’s performance has also been the impact of disadvantage. At the same time, very worrying that the lack of sales in Asia and there is no market to make up. Therefore, China’s economy continued to slow in the future sales performance could have been dragged down global markets.

Two Reason Why Women Love Watches Nowadays

According to Euromonitor, the global luxury watch market sales value women will reach $ 1.03 billion, an increase of 60 percent over 2005. Although the data are not as good as the male form falling market this year, sales of men’s watch worth about $ 1.76 billion, down from $ 1.84 billion last year, up. “In the luxury goods industry, the watch is the weakest category, leather goods although doing well, but the best is the jewelery industry, mainly because women buy.” Vontobel analyst René Weber said, “but in two years before, the watch industry began to move closer to women. ”

This phenomenon are basically two factors. First, many companies feel that lady watch will be treated like jewels treat their watches; Second, more and more women are choosing large dial quartz watch. “In the past 10 years, we have noted that Ms start selecting larger products, such as 36mm, 38mm, 40mm this product.” Elie Bernheim, CEO of Raymond Weil said.

In the past, watches, men jewelry, but now the idea began to change. In order to adapt to these changes, many luxury watch brands take a neutral line. In September 2014, IWC launched the Portofino 37 series, suitable for smaller wrists, not men and women. “We are expanding adaptation female aesthetic product.” IWC chief marketing officer Franziska Gsell said, but she quickly moved IWC has long courted the female customers, it does not belong to a new series. Other watch brand IWC is not so restrained, they have no taboo own ambitions for the female market.

Good Watches are Inexpensive This Year

BaselWorld this year, the new TAG Heuer Chronograph Tourbillon estimated price of one hundred and ten thousand yuan to succeed, Frederique Constant modular calendar fifty thousand yuan succeed, people and even a bit bizarre. In addition, Tissot $ 2,000 ultrathin quartz watches, as well as a new magnetic Rolex empty Pa, in their respective areas delineated the boundaries of the new, cost-effective to let people have more expectations of new products. In fact, in previous years it has been tight-based movement last year, adequate supply, so that each brand has the ability to launch new products more affordable.

The latest news is that the circle in the manufacture of electronic quartz movement Ronda, known for the new observatory-class high-precision mechanical movement for only –65 Swiss francs, the cost of past similar mechanical movement which is at least more than doubled, 150 to 250 Swiss francs but the entry-level, cost and even some self-development of the movement up to 1000 Swiss francs. Cheap popularity of the movement, plus a lot of the same affordable functional modules, so new in recent years both beautiful and functional, at least in the design of ever-changing difference, so that the original slow pace of the watch industry also significantly increasing the speed.

How to do this in the same time to enhance the function of such a low price? First, of course, is no longer dominated by industry giants based movement has repeatedly reluctant to sell artificially create a tense atmosphere, and then it is a series of new materials and the use of new ideas – such as the low-cost and other metal and plastic together to make integration the composite movement, perhaps both maintenance-free advantages. There is a popular use of large-size table back pocket watch movement era, amplifying parts manufacturing workers is poor, but stretched their run-time value and must also improve the accuracy of operation.

Finally, of course, a variety of functional modules package, so that consumers have more and more satisfaction – from the time, the whole calendar, calendar and even long power to three questions, with different layout changes, enough to make modern designer showcase their talents, can be expected in the coming period there will be a variety of complex functions inexpensive, beautiful new products appear to compete for the buyer. This reminds me a few years ago the popular “selling point” – one of the independent movement, may face up to hundreds or even more than a thousand more than the difference, buyers will be high or low Scotia will buy homes low high? I am afraid that faced a similar function with the same style of design, most still choose something cheap, but the quality and rarity of it slightly on the back of the head, the year after next year in any case one can see some clues.

What is the Backside of Mechanical Watch?

In our daily lives, why is it called in the end mechanical watches mechanical watches, and why older gentlemen will abandon quartz watch and more to choose mechanical watches. May have friends or perhaps to understand these, mechanical watch movement is playing, do not replace the battery. But this is only a conceptual answer, specifically, is playing a major gear and work issues.

There was a country gentleman just opened tabs, when you see a Lao Telai hollow mechanical watches is not the most attractive of the beautiful designs, but its true Swiss self-produced movement, in particular, yes infrastructure consisting of movement – gear. Even the old master could not help but praise fine. Further fine grinding of the movement of the sleeve is also a mechanical watch fascinating place, but no gears so intuitive.

Tourbillon mechanism, in order to correct the error caused by the force of gravity on the watch parts. Tourbillon mechanical watch manufacturing process represents the highest level, the entire escapement governor mechanism together and can rotate at a constant speed of their rotation, so that the force of gravity on a mechanical table “escapement” to minimize the impact and improve the accuracy of travel. Due to its unique mode of operation, it has been to watch the dynamic artistic beauty to play to an extreme degree.

Tourbillon idea that the core of the watch escapement in a frame (Carriage) within, the frame around the axis – the axis of the balance wheel is regularly do 360-degree rotation. Thus, the original escapement is fixed, so that when the table changes in resting position when the escapement unchanged, resulting in a discontinuity with the escapement parts generated error; when the escapement mechanism 360-degree spinning up when the azimuth error of parts will combine to cancel each other, thereby minimizing error. Currently, most Tourbillon 1 minute revolution (360 degrees), is a recognized ideal rotation speed.

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