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A Famous Watch Manufacturer in Shenzhen

Emperor Long Table was established in June 2011, is the first innovation “jewelry store counter Watch” business model of the brand, the main quality watches, 2014 CCTV New Year broadcasting enterprises, CCTV “influence Dialogue” column partners. After four years of innovation and development, Tai waves in major cities in the country has more than 500 sales outlets, product sales and customer satisfaction in multiples of annual growth.

Construction of the core team, to create a pioneer idea, to create customer value. Emperor ronin to unite and forge ahead, and common prosperity, to play the spirit of wide access to watches, jewelry industry is highly praised, has been named in the ER “national watch industry customer satisfaction 3A enterprise” and “top ten most trusted consumer brand watches “; in 2014 won the Chinese famous brand nurturing committee” first watch and jewelery brand “reputation; the same year, the famous Hong Kong movie star Mr. Eddie Kwan added, as emperor waves brand into a new vitality.

Di Lang, founder CEO: Qin Hui, Chinese Communist Party, Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association, Shenzhen jewelry industry associations, Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association, vice chairman of Shenzhen Luohu District Quality and Technology Association and other duties. From 1998 goldsmith workshop started operating in 2009 jewelry chain 27, 2011, decided to enter the watch industry, four years eight people business team to run the market value of billions of dollars. Someone once commented: “Qin Hui is a rather common brand paranoid person can see from him in recent years, a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs who control the market break their own place in the world in microcosm; Dili wave is the Internet thinking transformation of the traditional model of a pioneer, but also the contemporary watch industry leader. “

The Techniques to Make Watches and Clocks

January 20, 2014 to 24, the 24th Geneva Salon International Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) held as scheduled in five days received a total of about 14,000 visitors, of which about 1,300 media from around the world. On this part of Haute Horlogerie event, people in addition to the early adopters of the latest works of 16 brands, but also enjoy a name: visual feast “Astronomy son of horology” in. The Swiss Foundation for Advanced tab (FHH) launched a special exhibition has worked on the occasion of the International Watch Fair SIAR in Mexico City and London debut, the exhibition promoted by the measurement of time culture helps people understand the industry after a generation of humans Passing the origin and development, and the celestial and measurement time compared, in order to remind you – well-known day, month and year for all the stars from human observations.

Civilization from ancient times to the growing science and technology today, watchmakers have already created a universe of expression, originally as a scientific instrument, but now it is the desire of astronomers and enthusiasts thereof. This magical story about the Sun, the Earth, the moon and the universe will make visitors phase, calendar, calendar and many other equally fantastic and convey the magic and mystery of the universe, a mechanical device, and more nuanced understanding through May it has now been converted to Watch astronomical complex functionality. This exhibition is a tribute to human talent, it countless great thinkers, scientists and adventurers in their tireless efforts to prove to the public much more than just watch timing thing. The exhibition also explores the human definition of the universe from the laws of physics, the establishment of the Milky Way will eventually pedigree to the discipline applied to various stages of development of mechanical watchmaking.

From the Earth to the Moon, from the sun to the universe, “the son of astronomy: horology” traces for the understanding of our world and the human world is how to create various crucial discovery. It is worth mentioning that this year many brands released the latest SIHH watch seems coincident with the theme of this exhibition, Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Complication hit new series looking at the stars in a unique way, Lange Richard Lange Series Terraluna calendar watch table back in a rational picture of the Earth, moon and sun trajectory constellation diagram, and Cartier objects running style calendar watch and “Earth and the moon” Tourbillon dual time Tourbillon moon phase watch more there is no doubt linked with astronomy. Seen in this light, advanced watchmaking past, present and future, all have a bond with astronomy.

Small Company Develops More New Hardwares

In early June this year, the domestic smart watch industry quite well-known interest in science and technology Ying (inWatch) announced the launch of a new watch products inWatch T, equipped with the latest Tencent Tencent OS (hereinafter referred to as TOS), the name of the “T” is widely recognized and Tencent same meaning English name initials; Coincidentally, followed in July, the country’s top mobile phone brand, ZTE also along for the ride, also launched a pre-TOS system Axon smart watch.

Now look, complete TOS degree sufficient for everyday use, and allows users to reply to a voice in the micro-letter expression, can also be used to query the built-in voice assistant living information, set calendar reminders and alarm clock, but also supports a cab, Maps, etc. software – these are the smart watch has been proven there is a need to use the scene. If according to this mode of cooperation continues, smart watch compatible software will also enhance the user experience will be more unified, the price will be cheaper consumer appears to be a good thing.

The intelligent hardware Chilean media have summed things, smart watch entrepreneurs have formed several basic play: all hardware and software themselves, make their own hardware to provide software giant, and a return to nature watch “simple intelligence.”

Domestic smart watch startups employees have to play reporter PingWest products show a similar idea: Now the smart watch market price war winds just beginning to show, start-up companies do not compete with each other to say, there are giant after eyeing. Those small companies to do their own hardware, in fact, give yourself a big pit and buried.

Movado Luxury Watches Manufacturers Launched A New Smart Watch

Movado is a light build luxury watches famous old watchmaker; face of the market whirlwind blowing smart watch, Movado be outdone, followed by other Swiss watch manufacturers into this latest wave together. On Movado Monday news conference, the company released its new smart watch –Movado Motion and Bold Motion, corresponding to two series of men and women, watches with LED lights and sensors from the Hewllet Packard (HP) research and development.

Why choose HP as the sensor supplier? In fact, this is a two-way choice. Movado Motion Bold Motion and HP is also an exploration company in the field of computer-derived, they will take to develop the “modern high-tech” jewelry and clothing accessories in the field of research and development. Last October, HP hired a well-known fashion designer Micheal Bastian designed a male smartwatch –MB Chronowing. HP PR director, Mike Hokey told The Verge of reporters: “Our partnership with these brands, they will inject fashion sense into our design, we have the technology to add intelligence and sense of technology for their products.”

Movado’s cooperation with HP is second with luxury brands to join, this time from the perspective of aesthetic design new smart watch. Movado Motion and Bold Motion rid of the majority of round smartwatch in electronic lit screen in favor of a traditional design with a pointer dial, blue iris circle under the glass surface, very beautiful and elegant. When paired iOS or Android phone, when a message is received, the blue iris will light up to alert the user. Aperture and brightness of different colors corresponding to different kinds of information Tip: For example, when the aperture blink when the mean-do calendar is about to expire, watch the minute hand flashing means the phone has received the facebook information push. This information reminder mode can be set by Mavodo phone APP.

Four Kinds of People Who Do Not Fit Mechanical Watch

In Western political philosophy, evaluate the progress of a society, it depends on whether it is abandoned functionalism and implement the spirit of the doctrine. Today, some people’s understanding of watches remained at the level of functionalism, they can not understand why wear watches also have a mobile phone behavior. And we know that the watch is not a simple timing tool. In particular, mechanical watches, mechanical human now, some people’s understanding of watches remained at the level of functionalism, they can not understand why wear watches also have a mobile phone behavior. And we know that the watch is not a simple timing tool. In particular, mechanical watches, is a concentrated expression of human mechanical process. If life had not bought a decent mechanical watches, almost embarrassed to tell others he is like watch people. Perhaps you are going to buy a mechanical watch, maybe you already bought. The following content can help you deepen the understanding of mechanical watches.

Lack of physical activity every day, the elderly, the infirm and the long-term sedentary people. This is because the automatic watch is not “automatic”, it must continue to rely on the arm swing, so constantly rotating weight on the watch movement to drive the winding disc tight, winding to achieve the purpose. Once a person’s lack of exercise, watch springs will not be completely filled, the watch will stop and go often occur when walking or wearing long enough to go off to stop the problems, while the watch error table also become large. It is proposed that insufficient physical activity of people, the best choice to wear a quartz watch or manual winding mechanical watches.

Mechanical life is generally how long? With two factors: the quality of their maintenance work. Like Patek Philippe watch that number of segments, can be passaged with a 100 years is not a problem. If not watches, the average life expectancy is generally mechanical watches 10–15 years. A good mechanical watch can be used for about 20 years, but about every three years between the time when they need to refuel again. Above that is the life under normal conditions. If truck drivers often wore table sat a bumpy car, wearing a watch to go diving.

Another Luxury Watch Retailer Will be Sold

It is understood that the Swiss luxury jewelry and watch retailer Kirchhofer has commissioned Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse) to find and study a suitable buyer. Kirchhofer according to annual sales of about 300 million Swiss francs, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of approximately 60 million Swiss francs, or its sale price will be between 5-10 times EBITDA, which is 3 to 600 million Swiss francs.

Kirchhofer finance director, said: “Juerg Kirchhofer has reached retiring age, of course, this does not mean that he would retire immediately present within the company for the future there are many different opinions, but we are discussing and analyzing the moment everything is uncertain. . ”

Juerg Kirchhofer is founder Fritz Kirchhofer’s son, who is in charge of Kirchhofer, but also to the Kirchhofer with brilliant people. Kirchhofer watch shop was founded in 1944 in Interlaken, Switzerland, in 1969 headed by Juerg Kirchhofer. The talented young people are not satisfied with the development only in the Interlaken area, he wants to further “Kirchhofer” to the whole world. To achieve this goal, Juerg worked in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and other places of learning, drawing on the most cutting-edge knowledge and information, bold traditional philosophy and modern management style combined with the quickly “Kirchhofer” development Watch as Switzerland’s most famous jewelry sales company, has become the miracle of the Swiss watch industry.

A Young Man Started Up His Own Watch Business

In a building in Chai Wan on Hong Kong Island, Wan Xi Quan Watch Co., Ltd. Headquarters watch dazzling display of all kinds of original, shocking. Wearing glasses, a casual dress Wan Xi Quan founder Chen Huilin, look young and vigor. Front of these watches, from concept planning, product design to marketing, all from their hands.

“Hong Kong’s economic and industrial structure determines the self-made young people more difficult business environment, I was able to come today, mainly by climate, geography, people.” Chen Huilin outset.

In 2009, Chen Huilin completed studies at Cornell University, received Master of Applied Economics and Management, and passed the Global Association of Risk Financial Risk Manager license. However, he did not remain in the United States engaged in the financial industry, but chose to return to Hong Kong.

“At that time coincided with the US subprime crisis and the subsequent global financial crisis, many investment banks in layoffs, work very good looking.” Chen Huilin said, “This is the ‘day’, when the environment is like.”

Back in Hong Kong, Chen Huilin briefly served a bank investment arm, but his ambition is no longer as a “gold collar”, he has been thinking about how future life to go on the road.

Ms. Zheng Received A Free Watch for Nothing

Half months ago, Ms. Zheng saw a circle of friends “get a free reprint watch” message, press the other requirements spirits rushing forward messages, a week or so, Ms Cheng received the merchant sent watches, is proud of his picking up a great deal up, but recovery section stores received a phone call threatening her if you do not settle the payment let her watch pay “price.”

According to Ms Cheng introduced six weeks ago her micro-channel circle of friends are free to receive a scraper watch the news, “It’s like a shop just opened in publicity, as long as the message to three groups of 50 or more chat, and firing three times in my circle of friends, who will be mailed a $ 198 men’s watches. ”

Ada thought, reprint collar gift really is “sleight of hand tricks” thing, even if the end has deceived himself no harm, followed by Partner forwarded this message, and send it certified public account screenshots, and he left his shipping address.

After Ada send screenshots, the other did not respond to the slightest, originally when this has been a “false news” turn articles, do not want a week later, Ada has received a cash on delivery shipment, open look at what their own watch circle of friends to forward the message mentioned, although the appearance do you know watches worth 198 yuan, but the white make things still left.

Classic Strap Women Quartz Watch

Anne Klein Anne Klein AK-1789SVSV classic steel ladies quartz watch, AIU original $ 65, now only $ 32.5, China supports direct mail, freight + tariff of $ 12.87 in advance, direct mail, hand or about 292 yuan.

Anne Klein Anne Klein AK-1789SVSV classic steel ladies quartz watch dial selection of simple and neat, logo engraved case back, shiny stainless steel bracelet, quartz movement, mineral crystal glass mirror material, dial diameter of 34mm, strap length of about 22cm, Petty style, simple and neat sense of line, is significantly independent and capable white-collar workplace. Note that not waterproof oh!

Simple and neat, New York-style luxury fashion brand ANNE KLEIN, is considered to be “American style” one of the representatives of the brand. The shrewd and sexy confused two very different personalities fused in one, showing a woman in the workplace of perfect and sexy. Emphasize women’s elegant minimalist style and brand, and create a lean woman in urban sensibility.

Modern Expression for Love – Mechanical Watch

Just think, micro letter to favorite Ta to the sentence: “520, about it?” A second element of the network regards, finally fix the “surprise Oh”, polite and restrained, the other budding youth’s heart, as if already jumped phone bolted from the screen to you. Day of the festival, the key moment, flashed carefully prepared Swiss Roamer COSMAS Comas quartz Pair watch carefully for each other put, this “life stuck you” take heart confession, without drying in the circle of friends can be bursting with happiness.

Minimalist dial with a scale that see, high-quality Swiss quartz movement, the continuation of the Swiss watch classic Roman atmosphere, exquisite style. COSMAS Comas watches with elegant round classic, closer every time when two hearts meet distance. Walk around the wrist of the same time, the two human little secret, turn the dial on the digital calendar together, met so far have not confirmed the regression from the full love.

To say that love can stand the plain to spend the old age together. Lovers like time, a minute if you do not care – they will slowly lose a lot of things. Cherish the moment, cherish the love with a pair of 520 connotation gift – Swiss Roamer Stingray III automatic watch couple models, for the love of preservation, or caused it to offer your anniversary! Especially for men, shoes, belts and watches, but the “three treasures” ah, there is treasure in the body, afraid Ta do not want you every day?

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