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Children’s GPS Watches are Hot for Sale Now

At the same time in recent years, targeting children watch suddenly appeared in front of consumers, children and watch flagship RTLS voice intercom / call function with its lost children, parenting accompany Lack of deep thinking, parents’ generation to meet consumer demands, sales continued hot. While stationed Abba cho Children watch category targeting a pioneer in the market share performance is not weak, and the transverse compared to other brands, sugar cat in product concept, features innovative aspects of the introduction of more praise.

Sugar Cats by Sogou company launched super children watch. The latest launch of the new sugar cat T2 series for children aged 6-12 designed, in terms of both hardware and software, a comprehensive reform. The new sugar cat T2 possession of child phone, real-time positioning, storytelling, family chats, voice dialing, health pedometer, super hearing, a button for help, emergency call, remote alarm clock, voice broadcast, weather broadcast, cloud upgrade, baby dynamics 15 major functions, is the most powerful, comprehensive product.

Other brands and emphasize “safe” concept is different from sugar cat from the beginning of the starting point is the “communication and companionship.” Sugar Cat believes that communication is a rigid demand between parents and children, this demand is ongoing, high-frequency degrees. Cities, parents work outside during the day, the elderly or children at home with the aunt, this is actually a window of time, parents do not have time with their children. Through sugar cat products can really help parents communicate with their children, help parents to accompany their children the desire to achieve, close relations among family members.

More Demands on Tag Heuer Smart Watches

Luxury smart watch, after all, there is a market! As a mechanical watch collectors, I do not think luxury watches providers to succeed in the smart watch. However, TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watch released prove me wrong, as a surge in demand for watches and interests.

TAG Heuer began a weekly production capacity increased from 1200 to 2000. According to Bloomberg, TAG Heuer retailers and dealers from Connected Smart Watch received orders for more than 100,000. Although not a direct end-user orders, but also a good illustration of the market demand.

TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver, said more smart watch models will be announced by the end of 2016 or early 2017, to provide more choices with new materials and diamonds. Biver saved as Blancpain and Hublot brand of genius, the TAG Heuer is positioned as the first company with a “big bang” to enter the smart watch business and ready to adopt the luxury watch manufacturer Android Wear large ecosystem.

$ 1,500 TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watch is very expensive, but after two years of use can watch the same redemption price of a TAG Heuer mechanical watches, such a strategy might be able to impress consumers who want to buy mechanical watches and smart sidelines.

Piaget Launches the World’s Thinnest Mechanical Watches

As one of the most prestigious luxury watch manufacturers, Switzerland Earl (Piaget) but the accident like fashion. Earl has launched many fashion design, beautiful and thin mechanical watch, recently their new Altiplano 900P has reached the limit, known as the world’s thinnest mechanical watch, its thickness is only less than half of the iPhone 5s phone.

Have on “the world’s thinnest mechanical miracle” Altiplano 900P dial thickness of only 3.65 mm, it broke the previous Jaefer-LeCoultre watches slim Masters Series commemorative held record. To achieve this thickness, 900P uses movement and case integration design, that is, its movement and case can not be separated.

In addition, the bottom of the case on the substrate there are also a part of the movement of parts. Embedded in the dial into plywood, which are offset from the center position, also be smaller than previous models. Because of these design makes Piaget Altiplano 900P can be made so thin. Move the pointer to design mechanisms under the main plate is Piaget’s latest invention, the count for the application for a patent. Although the hippest style, but still Altiplano 900P is handmade, its movement can be a 48-hour power reserve, case diameter of 38 mm is moderate, with black crocodile leather strap, and platinum coupled with (optional 24k or 18k ) buckle.

Big Profit Attracts More Manufacturers

This year’s hottest wearable equipment to a number of smart watch, for many consumers, but smart enough to tide watches prices are high enough.

Apple outlets in a public Xiao Zhao told reporters: “I usually love running, so want to buy a smart watch, but this price is close to 3,000 yuan, I have to think about, after all, just to exercise with, the price is too high . ”

With the smart watch boom surging, more and more manufacturers to join the ranks of the smart watch manufacturers, Moto second-generation smart watch price 1999 yuan, 2599 yuan pricing Huawei smart watch. According to insiders, Smart Watch is a new wearable intelligent equipment, large profit margins, naturally attracted major manufacturers have joined, but manufacturers should take into account consumer spending levels.

Guard Children’s Health Every Day by This Watch

With the progress of the era of smart, intelligent products are also increasingly in hand, no matter which industry followed the trend in the development of intelligent. In order to achieve the integration of the concept of intelligent life, the major manufacturers have introduced a number of new smart products, where “wearable” the most popular, Huawei b2 smart bracelet, the biggest bright spot is that the bracelet can disassemble the meter body Bluetooth headset connected Bluetooth mobile phone to become, as well as well-known Apple Watch, is a full range of health and motion tracking devices, in addition to have a pedometer and measure user heartbeat function, but also has a voice back to the message, and check the weather flights and other useful features, greatly facilitate the user’s daily life operation of such a product launch would be respected by many consumers, but in the adult market is so popular smart wearable device is in the children’s market areas also have similar products it ?

To the author of children’s familiar brand of smart wearable device, the sugar cat, Aba town, little genius and 360 brands are involved in the field of children’s intelligence worn, but can be called to focus on children’s intelligence in the field of domestic brands, but only a little genius small genius is BBK’s sub-brand, the brand has focused on the development of children’s intelligence calls watches, watches generation though only in the domestic sales, but has reached a staggering 700,000 sales, real enough to see consumer sales approved products.

Recently, the little genius to launch new smart watch – little genius waterproof watch phone version, not only continues the generation of watch functions and positioning function call, add more soaked reminder, condition monitoring children’s sports wear detection and other intimate functions, real fulfilling my role as a small intimate housekeeper.

Little Genius watch phone is used in two-color detachable strap design, not only convenient and more attractive to children, the strap is used by the US Dow Corning TPSIV raw materials, delicate texture and more solid. Watch the screen contrast to words greater number generation, and color display, the same as its mirror and iphone6, but is equipped with 2.5D hologram around with curved one-piece design, so that the screen surface is more smooth, will not get flawed hurt children’s hands.

Watch Indutry Reacts to Low Market Profit

In the recently released New Year’s Swatch-quarter earnings, it said its Omega, Longines and Tissot and other sub-brands sold in China during this period of strong sales performance, but the demand for luxury watches still showing weakness. Financial data from the Group’s 2015 financial year, Group sales fell by 3% year on year, despite a slight decline, industry analysts say, Swatch still have enough growth potential, and even its sub-brand for the Group’s contribution to the business 3/4 profit. But some analysts believe, Swatch for fiscal year 2016 forecast overly optimistic.

Afterwards, as the Chinese economy continues to slow, ongoing anti-corruption measures, leading to a continued weakness in the watch industry in the Chinese market, especially high-end consumer groups watch more cautious, but for the emerging middle class become the main consumer, Swatch Group sub-brands therefore popular star. But in the end watch industry can continue? Will generally decline in the industry today, the struggle of the watch industry in the future is still difficult to get rid of the tide.

Although the Swiss watch industry continues to decline led many industry participants have concerns, but some brands, strong growth momentum in the Chinese mainland market still retains may reduce this concern. For example, the Swiss watch retailer Swatch.

Leading the Fashion Trend by Wearing Famous Watches

Watch the world their own process of development, but the cycle than the fashion trends change longer. One of the major trend now is to focus on Ms. watch and bet real needs more attention. Although many ladies watches or quartz, but more and more brands began to watch designed automatic movement, and sapphire case back to do, in order to increase watch charm.

At the same time, Ms. watch size becomes larger than before, and the size of men’s watch is slightly smaller trend. You could almost say, blurred gender boundaries but is commonplace transboundary fashion. But in the watch industry, such as Bulgari LVCEA luxury design, it is very obvious exclusively ladies watch. Like this, as well as flower pattern watch Van Cleef & Arpels, poetic design.

LVCEA watch quickly became one of the iconic Bulgari collection will. It has a simple classic design of confusing people by Bvlgari Serpenti snake bracelets inspired by the shape of the crown is the crown end of care diamond. This new watch collection in 2015, including sapphire blue, Bordeaux red and nude pink alligator strap and other colors, sparkling diamond brilliance. In addition to the classic models of 33 mm, 36 mm as well as new models. Automatic power plant to provide 42-hour power reserve.

CT60 series by Tiffany, Tiffany jewelry from the center of gravity back to the watchmaking industry. In the 19th century, they are very successful watchmaking sector, is still the center of Geneva, have their own factories. Tiffany new collection series, with President Roosevelt had the basis for the design of watches, jewelry studded female models 34mm watch is very American style, in any case could be clearly read the time. Automatic power plant to provide 42-hour power reserve.

Van Cleef & Arpels poetic timing way through CharmsExtraordinaire Langage des Fleurs series has been a perfect show. Three kinds convey the love of flowers, painted in the use of the mother of pearl dial carved, hand-colored glazing. On such a fine miniature outer box pattern, color gradient jewelry, patchwork mosaic on top of the bezel, shine bright light. Colored flowers blooming vitality around the dial, watch which adds more charm.

New World Series of Watches Appear

Britain followed a number of brand watches technology invention for the top flight squadron around the world watch production. The ALT1-C series polished chronograph, some of its components from the Royal Navy, “Victory” ships.

Watchmaker Roger W.Smith stressed that “Britain needs to focus on the design and manufacture of mechanical timepieces of core components, rather than spend time on the case of manufacturing and decoration import movement.”

SEKSY dedicated to young, fashionable women very suitable for daily production with dazzling products, through unique lines and the use of Swarovski crystals to create a sense of the trend.

Watch this brand reflects the freedom of choice of the French attitude: pattern scene. Press the new spring and summer, autumn and winter with the latest fashion trends at the same time release, can be described as a wrist adornment fashion guide.

LIP is a very particular about the heritage of the French brand. If you are French, it is likely that your father, grandfather, great-grandfather even have a LIP watch, Charles de Gaulle, Churchill and other historical giants is also a big fan of LIP watches.

Audemars Piguet Watches Have Funned Lots of People

In real life wearing Audemars Piguet watches have a lot of people, long-term wear Audemars Piguet watches use there will be some problems. Audemars Piguet watches when there is a problem should be how to do it?

Note that, if accidentally went to the irregular Audemars Piguet watch repair place, pay special attention to these informal common market “charge trap.”

When consumers take no longer running watches to repair, maintenance points will give consumers put a new battery, the watch went on to say there is a problem, in fact, there is no problem, just wash it. These maintenance often will say parts of the watch needs to be replaced, which can get some more economic profit.

Maintenance of mechanical traps, if the mechanical stops working, then a lot of maintenance staff would say the problem is fitting it, in fact, in many cases, do not need to replace the parts, we need to simply maintain it enough.

Spot Replica Watches When Buying Overseas

With the enhancement of income level, people for the international luxury watch brand is extremely popular, especially, gave birth to a huge market demand for products of all kinds of imitation Ming table. Various international watch market prices are generally lower than the counter price, but all under the banner name of genuine, some people could not tell silly.

“Specially went to Hong Kong to buy a OMEGA table, ready to give my mother a birthday gift, a friend told me the results of an expert from a single look can be concluded that the movement is not genuine.” Guangzhou Consumer Yang said that from the style, table with all aspects of surface decoration, etc., the purchase is completely unable to see fakes. Ms. Yang had the same experience with a minority of consumers, after a well-known domestic online shopping platform also have been selling fake table similar event.

Reporters visited the market found that the Guangzhou market, numerous shops openly selling direct high imitation table, Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Chanel, CK, Longines and other international brand-name table are high imitation cash, if necessary, can even be customized, Specifies to arrive within a week of the album. In a store, a Miss Gao Fang Longines watch priced at 180 yuan, a high imitation Rolex watch men’s 230 yuan, while the price of the counter with the money you need to 9100 yuan, respectively, and 96,000 yuan. It stores description, high imitation watches almost hundred to thousand dollars, the price depends on the time of high imitation wood, sometimes in order to pursue a similar appearance, may use 18K gold instead of 24K gold original table.

According to industry sources, the current high imitation table manufacturer in Guangdong Province is widespread, blatant a “high imitation”, “fine imitation” and other words, some even based on small workshops fraud operations, the use case really fake movement to re-assemble, and reap high profits, and through online shopping platform shoddy.

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