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Hanzhou Building Sells More than 10 Million Yuan Watches in One Day

“Oh, my cell phone signal, unable to pronounce the micro-letter friends!” Was still a senior student Chen Wei, at 19:30 on January 1st headlong into Wu Lin Yintai, I wanted and made an appointment to meet a friend, but found the phone simply not on the network, the reason is – too many people.

January 1, Yan’an Road Baida, Wu Lin Yintai NUS almost “overcrowded”, not only counters shopping malls full of people, even on the outside of the bridge is black pressure pressure of the crowd.

From seven o’clock start, the cashier mall lined begin, team up and down the escalators and the crowd barely together, “I bought more than 300 pieces of things, billing spend ten minutes queuing, queuing to pay and spent thirty minutes. “Chen Wei said.

To nine o’clock, the mall crowd reached its peak, and even move pace seemed difficult, and more busy to count major counter salesperson. Uniqlo counter, two in charge of billing clerk busy almost no time on the toilet, “ball-point pen is finished, only the billing with a pencil, not a moment to be able to stop.” Salesperson said.

Crowds, but also to Hangzhou Tower, Intime Department Stores, Cabernet, Lixing, Vientiane City and many other department stores to delay to the early morning hours, which is the latest closing Wu Lin Yintai, it has been more than two in the morning, customers before being dispersed.

There are Less Domestic Watches on the Market

Watch collection and paintings, porcelain, compared Although for the people, has been a little “small minority”, but Wang Meng Jin said the watch collection in China there is a certain history, but the development process there have been faults, there is a shrinkage transition stagnant period, with a mass scale as collection, only in the last twenty years to do. “However, despite the small proportion of the number of collection watches, but because of our large population, the absolute number of collectors or with a lot of the country there are about three hundred thousand collectors watch it.” Wang Meng Jin said.

And because the current domestic watch collection is still in its infancy, we watch is not enough awareness, less real knowledgeable people, therefore, a good prospect. Wang Meng Jin told reporters: “At present, the domestic watch, especially the price of the old timepiece does not high, or even still in the depression we go to Europe, found that the domestic stuff with side ratio, the difference is still very large price now. folk still have a lot of good things to survive in the world, but because little is known on the watch collectors, most only know some international brands, can Huiyanshizhu people Jianlou opportunity is still there. “Wang Meng Jin Road, for example, have had collectors several hundred thousand dollars to buy a table, and now prices have risen to a few million dollars. Another example is commonly known as the “eight pieces of” pocket watch, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and other Western countries between 1780-1911 for China-made, served as the first gift dedicated to the Qing Dynasty royal family, whose most prominent feature is made up of eight components “Chinese-style movement,” very oriental charm and appreciate the value of art, but not too much for a long time know, Jin Wang Meng himself a few years ago to spend a few hundred dollars to buy something.

In addition, the collectors are in the hands of “goods” point of view, people watch collection to the main table, the clock is much less. Currently the proportion of watch collection is about one to eight, that is, a person who conceals bell, eight personal collection table. Collection of watches itself Jun Ling believes that this may be with today’s Chinese people on the clock “bias”, since the “send bell” homonym for “nail in the coffin.” “In fact, the traditional Chinese folk customs, marriage is a must clock, the so-called ‘loose ends’; household furnishings in the past, both sides of the clock are often put two bottles, because the bell itself emits continuous beep sound answer, and bottle together meaning ‘life safety’ clock in the past is a symbol of good fortune, I would very much like the bell. “he introduced.

Expand the Market by Hong Kong Clocks and Watches Fair

According to exhibition organizers Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau, the current five-day Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair attracted over 720 exhibitors from 12 countries and regions, showing a variety of tables, clocks and related machinery, equipment, packaging supplies and accessories and parts. 73 buying missions from 64 countries and regions attended to discuss the purchase, the number of buyers more than 3,000 people.

Exhibition index display, this exhibition of approximately 70 mainland sellers. Reporters saw, several buyers of a product Shenzhen exhibitors interested, ask the product details. This exhibitors with a variety of display watch choose color, style and texture strap. This exhibitors told reporters that it was their first time to participate in the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. Their products are sold in the past in Southeast Asia, hoping this exhibition explore the market.

In response to the uncertain economic outlook, helping exhibitors to seize more business opportunities, the exhibition organizers to take “small quantities of ad hoc procurement area” a number of measures. Where the Preparatory Committee for the Hong Kong region Yu Watch & Clock Fair 2012 Joint Chairman said: “In response to increased market demand for small-volume suppliers, especially the addition of small quantities of the exhibition procurement area and to display order as few as 20 product and set a watch counter for businesses to provide more opportunities for negotiations. ”

Show separate multiple features galleries, including “brand gallery” recruited more than 120 fashion watch brands; the world watches the display area shows 12 international senior watch brand watch rare; winner of this exhibition is to show the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Design competition finalists and award-winning works, to show to the buyer in Hong Kong designer’s creativity and talent.

Different Timing Tools in Moden Society

Traditional watch here, although the watch is just a timing tool, but in modern society, the way people get more and more time, so the more traditional watch is played acts as an accessories. Therefore, the traditional fashion watch out attributes are highlighted, so the traditional liberal arts women watch these vendors, the color value of the watch everything, rather than to provide a lot of features on I do not know whether or not usable.
Fortunately, with the deepening of advances in technology, and intelligent concepts, technology giant Polytechnic these men who come to realize the smart watch first of all if a watch for the job and the traditional liberal arts women watch these manufacturers are also aware of the wave of non-intelligent barrier, so both are struggling to find a balance between the value of intelligence and fashion color, and perhaps one day with both traditional technology can achieve the perfect balance also said not necessarily.
But now do, after enough of those technology companies in the smart watch, let us take stock of what those traditional watch manufacturers introduced high fashion color value smart watch it, these smart watch may not have the technology giant these Polytechnic functionally M has launched a product so powerful, but do not have a flavor.

Smart Portable Watch You Should Own

Waterproof and durable Corning Gorilla Glass panel, more robust! Amazon China original price 899 yuan, the current price is below the pick up by 20 yuan coupon + photographed, minus $ 100, actually paid 779 yuan free shipping, a record low, the same paragraph Lynx 1798 yuan, a huge difference. Comment: very satisfied, all kinds of messages to remind timely, Bluetooth connectivity distance than other equipment, waterproof good, with a bath no problem. And dial the appropriate size, than any other smart watches are a bit small, not particularly suitable for tall stature.

Pebble Smart Watch is a Silicon Valley start-up companies Pebble Technology company designed a compatible iPhone and Android smart watch phone, the user can view text messages iMessage iOS device directly through the Pebble watch. It can display caller information, you can also browse the Internet in real time to remind you that e-mail, text messaging, microblogging and social networking information. Leading US technology media, “Business Insider” will be referred to one of the “ten most innovative devices of 2014.”

The PEbble Smart Watch Bluetooth 4.0 plus 4.0 LE (low power Bluetooth), support for iOS and Android mobile phones; supports the latest iOS7 Notification system, most of the phone prompts can be seen in the table; the use of 1.26-inch 144 × 168 pixel E -paper display, long-term visible clock images without each reminder; the highest 5-ATM waterproof design, suitable for swimming jogging Dian Dian rain shower; weighs only 58g lighter than the average Smartwatch.

Internet+ Mode was Used on Watches Promotion

China had also took a fancy watch Keywords investment potential, and now the Chinese timepiece keyword marketing value has truly arrived. China Watch keyword use value is the basic value of the keyword, and any other values ​​are built on the basis of value in use. As the Internet + national strategy, all of a sudden the Internet was raised to the level of national strategy, China watch keyword value to be found rapidly, China Watch keyword prices increase by leaps and bounds, the Chinese watch Keywords investment profits also increased.

As the watch industry keywords, keyword development direction of China watches also can follow the development of the Internet to further enhance its market value. China Watch keyword value is a major investment value. Speaking of the investment value of China watches keywords, but also from the keyword really began to have their own market in 2013, such as google, Ali, they are to have their own keywords, and even use keywords to do their own development , showing that large companies keyword is very important, precisely because of the value of public investment, rising keyword prices for the development of the Internet industry is also good.

Until the end of 2015, the market has been very hot keyword, so that 2015 is the first year of keyword investment, which is really the Chinese timepiece keyword value. Visible China watches Keywords develop the overall upward trend, the Chinese watch it as a new keyword information noun sneak into the mainstream of today’s information market, experts predict: China Watch keyword will be a huge investment appreciation space Key words.

The Spirit of Craftsman Ship for Switzerland Watches

Switzerland “craftsman spirit” The first is a firm commitment. Watch industry before the industrial revolution is the most sophisticated handicraft, Ziranziyuan poor is relying on Swiss firm attachment in the “roof of Europe” on its own to create the pinnacle of industry. Before World War II broke out, 90 percent of the world’s watches are produced in Switzerland. When can the supremacy of the 1970s, at a lower cost, portable, on-time Japanese quartz watch large-scale attack, the traditional Swiss mechanical watch experienced an unprecedented “quartz crisis.” In just 10 years, the production of watches produced in Switzerland in the global market share fell from 43% to 15% of the cliff-style, over 100,000 unemployed watchmakers. At that time, market participants generally agreed that the Swiss watch, especially in the end mechanical watches has come. However, the Swiss watch industry refused to follow the crowd, but rather focus on their own upgrades, stick with “artisan spirit” fine hand-made mechanical watches. After a difficult transition after 20 years, the Swiss watch industry is not only out of the trough, and ushered in unprecedented prosperity.

Switzerland “craftsman spirit” lies in excellence. Swiss luxury watch craftsmen are a part of a part polished. Watchmakers for each part, every procedure, every watch is carefully polished, carefully crafted. Craftsmen eyes, only to manufacture meticulous, quality excellence, diligent pursuit of perfection. For example, a high-quality watch is not only a strong movement, but also a beautiful shell. Watchmakers tend to use the most reasonable way to install movement, the dial to leave enough space to decorate. A seemingly simple dial, but also in the hands of watchmakers become intensive land Jiangxinduju: carving craftsmen able to apply engraving, carving and polishing process on the case and dial, even in fragile movement on exquisite carvings; inlaid jewelry division is committed to select the size of the most appropriate and present the best reflective effect of stones, to set off the work itself blinding light; and enamel craftsmen then use filler-enamel, cloisonné enamel and micro-painted enamel, giving watches fascinating perspective effects and vivid colors.

Switzerland “craftsman spirit” was undoubtedly the most pioneering and innovative core. Innovation and firm attachment without contradiction, innovation is the inevitable result of excellence. For the purposes of the Swiss watchmakers, “only better, not the best” is definitely not an empty slogan. In pursuit of the ultimate experience, artisans carve their products constantly, constantly improve their processes. It is worth mentioning that the history of the world watches recognized as one of the greatest inventions – Tourbillon technology. In 1795, the Swiss watchmaker Louis Breguet invented a delicate exquisite timepiece speeder, which consists of 72 fine component parts, most of which are handmade, weighing not more than 0.3 grams, namely a swan feather or two piece weight parrot feathers. Tourbillon amazing contribution that it can maximize the watches from the influence of gravity, the gravity compensation for travel time accuracy losses. Today, the Swiss watchmakers continue to focus on upgrading innovative watch technology, just in the last 20 years on the development of many extremely complex process, phase, when the two, such as an upgraded version of the tourbillon, Caruso, calendar, months, or even there are Chinese calendar.

Classic Watch Styles Should be Combined with Fashion Trend

Ladies Watch watch industry, mostly elegant and beautiful, gentle, pleasant external image appear, and with the development of the times, many of the more offbeat love women more like men to wear big dial watch to highlight their innate and different from the popular unique personality. There is a demand would have a market, the market will have to meet the laws of the market watch brand, and thus, some big dial ladies watch bred, they cater to the market demand under the premise, and the big dial ladies watch should be combined beauty, today we recommend three alternative ladies watch watch industry.

SANTOS 100 Cartier watches to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Santos series was born and launched its first Santos and watch the testimony of friendship between the pilots of the same name, we can see the profound significance. The SANTOS 100 series W20107X7 watch case with stainless steel material with 18K rose gold bezel and classic design exposed screws, series distinct characteristics. Table diameter 44.2 x 35.6-mm table diameter, with dark brown crocodile leather strap and folding buckle, this watch show domineering posture. Stainless steel material heptagonal crown set with a multi-section of the top synthetic spinel, classic Cartier offers a 100 meters waterproof for everyday use.

 Hublot Classic Fusion series is one of the classic series, a unique shape with simple dial and enjoys popular support. The Hublot Classic Fusion watches, case with titanium material, although the table diameter large enough but not too heavy easy to wear. Black crocodile leather strap with folding clasp in titanium alloy material, the perfect combination with the case. Classic dial with three-pin disk, set the calendar window at 3 o’clock, simple and elegant. Watch the whole low-key and elegant, equipped with Hublot HUB 1110 automatic movement, 28,800 vibrations per hour, providing 42-hour power reserve.

Traditional Watch Can Also Make So Many Miracles

When it comes to watches, everyone is familiar with, it is estimated that no more than aware of the domestic first quartz watch is a watch Tempo 1982 production. In 1983, when the industry had sales of Tempo table to win. With the 1984 launch of Tempo Table slogan “irresistible temptation” in the country spread rapidly, became a well-known classic advertising slogan. Tempo Table also began to constantly develop progressive course.

In the thirty years from now, a lot of very famous in the year vendors and products for various reasons unsustainable. But in 2012, when, Tempo table on forward-looking research and development project of the Intelligent Light T-Watch watches, Tempo T-Watch completely in appearance continues the tradition appearance of the watch, quartz watch followed the tradition of using stainless steel case / leather strap, sapphire crystal, various functions of traditional dignified fashion watch and intelligence combined in one!

In mid-2015, Tempo table on the 26th Shenzhen International Watch Fair released the T-watch2.0 watches, stylish, functional and convenient, with APP reminder, phone reminders, sports reminders, event reminders and other functions.

The user can set the APP through mobile phones, watches, lighting, vibration reminder, never forget things. Watch also features sports, life and other features suggest that a healthy lifestyle first-hand turn. T-watch2.0 exclusive customized version of NFC: the exchange of business cards, and other fashion convenient features, the upcoming one “table” presentation; Bluetooth 4.0 precision cutting-edge technologies for the future of T-watch2.0 create unlimited reverie; new smart meter price the thousand or so, today, with my camera to take a look at T-watch2.0 FIG tours, intelligent function on the watch in the end how the next time we talk.

Highly Priced EDOX Watch with High Quality

Ashford currently EDOX EDOX Les Vauberts series 80081-3-NIN men’s mechanical watches priced at $ 347, single-input coupon code AFFLESVAUB288, actually paid $ 288, or about 1960 yuan transit hand, can once again into the low-cost, single tutorial .

EDOX was founded in 1884 century Code Ruishi degree table to high-quality accurate timing and reputation, had produced the world’s first display “Tank periscope” watch world all time zones on the same watch, the world’s thinnest the quartz watch has a calendar function, etc. are well known, their grade should be between Tissot and Mido.

EDOX Les Vauberts series 80081-3-AIN men mechanical watch with 25 stone ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement, kinetic energy can reserve 42 hours, back through the small window design, the table diameter 39mm, sapphire crystal, black dial, simple and elegant, very elegant gentleman choice, 3:00 calendar display orientation, students can look like.

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