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Japanese Market Needs More Watches

Japan’s department store sales of jewelery, continued to show the smooth development. By April 3 to affect stock prices, the prices of foreign brands is expected to lead to short-term explosive demand for consumer purchases increased strongly. With the expected stock price stagnation, positive trend jewelery will also come to an end. High commodity active, did not affect the sales prices, customer demand is very stable. Expected after the consumption tax hike in April next year, sales of jewelery will develop smoothly.

From 3 to sales of watches and jewelery Daimaru Matsuzakaya’s nine main stores in June, the jewelry increased by 65.2% over last year, an increase of 37.9% watch. In June, sales increased 40.8% for jewelery, watches and clocks, increased 42.3%. From 3 to the monthly growth rate in June, the June jewelry sales growth rate second only to May, sales of watches to achieve growth.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, Mitsukoshi Ginza store, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi main store three stores, in April, watches and jewelry sales rose 40% in May increased by 20% downward trend, 6 months to achieve 30% growth, showing signs of recovery. According to Isetan Mitsukoshi women ministers jewelry watches for children Commodities omnibus portion Haruo Yamazaki said that this was 20 years of substantial growth in the third. In April, a variety of factors Shinjuku store decoration effect and prices before the outbreak of the purchase, etc. overlap, resulting in an increase of extraordinary. Turning to the future market trend he believes that even with the impact of inflation and other unfavorable factors, consumer demand for jewelry is still on the rise.

Takashimaya MD Department selected clothing groceries, jewelry unit buyers Shigeru Aoki said: “Takashimaya from the beginning of the year sold more than last year, beginning in April increased by 20% to 30% higher than last year, June performance is also very good . “March activities have a positive impact on sales after April trends within the shop is also active, the customer is no longer confined to a few wealthy class, consumer groups began to expand. Customer price increase is very significant, Isetan Mitsukoshi main store three customer price increased by 20%. Such as 500 million yen or more goods, in April last year sold only one, in April this year sold six. May sales of luxury goods also increased by 40%.

The Engine of Growth in Luxury Watches

Richemont and Roger Dubuis both sides refused to disclose the sale price. Vontobel analyst Rene Weber pointed out that the company, the purchase price is likely to be less than the annual turnover of Roger Dubuis. As of March of this year is expected, Roger Dubuis total turnover of 60 million euros.
China has always been the engine of growth of luxury goods, with the sharp slowdown in consumer demand, the watch industry has been severely affected. A weak market may make the watch more and more small brands to be integrated or acquisitions.
In recent years, with the turmoil in financial markets, macroeconomic instability and the smart watch market impact of many of the world’s leading watch manufacturers have long scarred, and was once the main driving force of Swiss watch exports in the Chinese market has also become their heavy burden.
According to the latest industry data show that as of November 2015, Swiss watch exports reached $ 19.45 billion, down 3.3%. As one of their biggest markets in Hong Kong, exports plunged nearly 25%, while China fell 5%.
Kepler Cheuvreux analyst Jon Cox revealed: “Roger Dubuis taking into account the current difficult environment, many watch brands have joined such as Swatch Group, LVMH Group and KERING other large company, so Roger Dubuis joined Richemont and let the industry feel strange. “

Search Direction in Dark Road for Home-made Smart Watch

“We have clearly realized that smart watches are a huge market, with the power to overturn the traditional watch industry, but we have not found a clear direction.” In an industry summit in Beijing, a Shenzhen manufacturer responsible for helpless Say.

Over the past two years, as the Internet companies began to enter the traditional industries, mobile phones, television, and even the taxi industry has been one change in the depth of the Internet, watches are no exception.

Jingdong Mall, just a few months, over 200 smart watch on-line sale. “In Shenzhen, at least 50 companies make smart watch, together with other cities of the enterprises, the total number of the industry’s enterprises over 200.” The official said, in addition to Internet start-up companies, the traditional watch manufacturers have begun to incoming, to avoid the risk of being subversive.

However, the market has not been the curtain, controversial direction has already begun. Phone accessories is willing to do or independent full-featured smart watch? Fight is broken down by industry, or a model of world domination? Under the dual screen and battery limits, the domestic manufacturers are to maximize creativity, trying to Win, set the industry benchmark.

Fossil Spent Much Money on Purchasing Misfit

Smart watch function and tasteless compared to sports bracelet because of practicality and began to spread around the world, industry mergers and acquisitions has become increasingly active. November 12, the US fashion manufacturer Fossil Group announced it will spend $ 260 million acquisition of US sports bracelet manufacturer Misfit. China Jingdong Mall and millet are currently shareholders of the company.

According to the US technology news site CNET reported, Fossil Group is headquartered in Texas Richardson, the main use of its own brand production and sales of watches, jewelry, other owned brands include Skagen, Zodiac, in addition the company also Adidas, DKNY and other companies OEM production of fashion products.

The company announced Thursday, will spend $ 260 million acquisition of Misfit. Future, the company plans to combine their design capabilities in the field of fashion and Misfit science and technology development strength, the introduction of better wear products.

Sports Wear market is very active, Apple has not introduced sports bracelet, but its main feature is the Apple Watch sport health monitoring, in addition to the front line of the global smart phone manufacturers have introduced a motion hand ring, there are a number of Adidas, Nike Sports brands have entered the market.

And now, more luxury and fashion brands are entering the field of sports bracelet, luxury watch manufacturer, including before entering the Tag Heuer. After completing the acquisition, CEO and co-founder of Misfit Sonny Vu ​​will become Fossil group of executives, who will serve as president and chief technology officer duties wearable product.

6 Bans When You Use Watch

Magnetic abilities mechanical watches only within a limited range of magnetic effect can be achieved, if it exceeds the capacity of magnetic, steel parts inside the watch will be magnetized, gossamer also be affected, resulting in inaccurate watches go, go slow generation , go fast phenomenon, there will be severe stop and go.
In addition, the magnetic field of the quartz watch will be affected? Quartz watch in steel parts, although small, but strong magnetic field on the normal operation of the rotor will produce interference. Thus, the general can not watch in a strong magnetic field environments, but can not put the watch on the electromagnet, speakers, generators, transformers and large electrical equipment.

Magnetic abilities mechanical watches only within a limited range of magnetic effect can be achieved, if it exceeds the capacity of magnetic, steel parts inside the watch will be magnetized, gossamer also be affected, resulting in inaccurate watches go, go slow generation , go fast phenomenon, there will be severe stop and go.
In addition, the magnetic field of the quartz watch will be affected? Quartz watch in steel parts, although small, but strong magnetic field on the normal operation of the rotor will produce interference. Thus, the general can not watch in a strong magnetic field environments, but can not put the watch on the electromagnet, speakers, generators, transformers and large electrical equipment.

Luxury Watch Owners Find Their Own Ways to Deduct the Cost

Under tough market conditions, top consumer brands began to reveal more sincerity. The most striking point is to adjust the price to make it more close to the people. Cartier Drive new series of steel men’s watch is priced at € 5000, Piaget launched the € 7,000 ladies watches, Montblanc has released a series of new products at lower prices. “Customers understand the price has changed, we have space in the pricing of much smaller than before.” Earl previously CEO Philippe Leopold-Metzger told the media:. “The situation is very difficult market environment has changed, in terms of pricing, the challenge more and more intense. ”

Swiss watch has always been a male form in power, and last year the female form became the industry keywords. According to industry estimates, this trend will continue in 2016. Signings Euromonitor data, the total value of global sales by 2015 women luxury watch market reached $ 1.03 billion, an increase of 60 percent over 2005. Although the data are not as good as the market fell male form, but men’s watch in 2015 gross sales of about $ 1.76 billion, down from $ 1.84 billion in 2014, up. “In the luxury goods industry, the watch is the weakest category, leather goods although doing well, but the best is the jewelery industry, mainly because women buy.” Vontobel analyst René Weber said, “so that the last two years , the watch industry began to move closer to the female consumer. ”

At this year’s SIHH, Luo Jiedu (Roger Dubudis) declared 2016 as the year of the brand’s famous actor (Year of the Velvet Diva), will focus on the female form to create a series of named Velvet. Table 5 in the series will focus on the combination of high-end jewelry and strong movement. Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) Millenary female form diamond is added to the complex mosaic of a variety of textures and designs. Jaeger (Jaeger-LeCoultre) and the famous French fashion brand Christian Louboutin (Christian Louboutin) to launch custom models the Reverso series ladies watch. Hublot (Hublot), IWC (IWC), Earl (PIAGET), etc., greater efforts to Ms. watch market advance.

Famous Watch Restorer Serving Forbidden City

Master Wang Jin is a national intangible cultural heritage of ancient art of watch repair the third generation of successors, enter the Forbidden City has been 39 years. Per day as early as eight to five, sit in the office one day a few decades, and dust for many years dealing with artifacts. A watch to be repaired shipped, we need to take pictures recorded formulate rehabilitation program after dismantling, cleaning, fill with, assembly, commissioning, until normal operation in order to save into the warehouse. Mr. Wang has a “80” after the apprentice Qi Hao Nan, followed his master to learn the craft for 10 years.

Wang Jin said, and other artifacts of different repair, watches repair this craft most unique place that the “table was dynamic, able to turn, which can be called repaired.” Qi Hao Nan told reporters, working children most troublesome is soft hit illnesses – all processes have been completed, but is not installed on the go. Which was to re-examine the demolition, sometimes a small problem can pondering for a few days. Master Wang and Qi Hao Nan went to the Dutch National Music Museum, the British Museum conducted field exchange. Qi Hao Nan said: “Compared with foreign watch repair, our strengths are very strong fundamentals and solid practical experience, and abroad more dependent on machine repair; foreign specialized watch repair school system teaching, we are We have basically no relevant professional. ”

On the future development, Wang said: “Our ancestors passed down craft can not be broken, if I may, I will try to help young people contact new opportunity to study overseas Forbidden City watch collection of over a thousand, needs renovation generations. people have completed, completing a full day even, regular maintenance and repair are required to do a lot of work, this is a cyclical process. “

The Eastern Lion-like Watch

The East Shuangshi SDW02004B0 Ms. automatic mechanical watch is a watch, it’s the case with a circular, stainless steel and the material to build the sleek lines flowing sparkling metallic luster, showing a elegant elegant, can be very good to bring out the female elegance. Its black dial, pointer and scale are gold, gold foil on a black background more noble.

The most prominent on the dial but also a few in the upper left wrist Bingdi open two golden flowers, flower itself has a beautiful, charming property, and when it is in this rose gold color appears in the watch dial when on, make this watch decorative greatly improved. But also for the watch adds gentle temperament, making it just as a stunning and outstanding temperament woman, waiting for someone else to pick antagonistic. Finally, accompanied by a black leather strap, making this table with multi-style clothing matched.

The East Shuangshi SDW02004B0 watch as a ladies watch, attached great importance to the appearance of design, but it is because most women do not care about the watch function, so Shuangshi watchmakers in the function of this watch on do not make too many designs, only with a date display function, adding a bit of its practical value. Date this table to display date display window presented in the form of a dial at 3 o’clock, date display window on a white background with black Arabic numerals shows the time of day, people seem very clear.

Record the Time Using Different Styles

Heavy work, hurried walking, serious face, reinforced concrete urban jungle, suits work wear. Chaotic scenes pointer beating flashed one by one, ponder the meaning of life in the passage of time. The second hand beating around a minute, a minute pace one week hours, concentrate on watching even forgot to breathe. Often wonder how to throw away the stress and worry, I do not know, maybe that will give you the answer watches on the wrist.

Larson watch, produced in Scandinavia, where I heard a strong sense of happiness. This watch has a minimalist style, golden dial is polished, a small three-pin design continues the memory of the pocket watch impression. It has a small seconds, a touch of red.

Rong Keshi watches, German brand watches, the brand has been 100 years. Classic design three tables, the first single glance a little messy, can be worn on the hand, the atmosphere of the disk can certainly bring a kind of minimalist temperament. Strap style multiple-choice, a leather strap, also in Milan strip, no matter what kind of atmosphere is very mature.

Differences Between Hamilton and Omega Mechanical Watches

High-quality timer famous Hamilton (Hamilton) watches, was founded in Pennsylvania in 1892 Lankester town America a table produced by the plant, which during World War I to the ensuing decades as the US government supplied cutting-edge timer. During World War II, Hamilton Hamilton table is selected in the production of a variety of watches, clocks, astronomical clocks and time measurement device for the US and allied forces.

Sir Hamilton Hamilton Men’s H32515555 Jazzmaster Silver Dial Watch Master Swiss automatic mechanical fashion male table, HAMILTON Hamilton brand is one of the most representative of American culture, has always been rough, honest, bold American style well known, this watch uses ETA2824- 2 automatic mechanical movement, brown leather strap, silver dial, bottom of the table through the end of sapphire crystal glass mirror material, waterproof 50 meters, three-pin design, seemingly low-key yet cutting edge. Table diameter 40mm, suitable for most men wrist!

Omega (OMEGA) is an internationally renowned watchmaking companies and brands, the English name omega, the representative symbol “Ω”. Founded by the Louis Brandt in 1848, Omega marks the glorious achievements in the history of watchmaking, Leading the Way, very delicate. Omega with its advanced watchmaking technology, becoming the pioneer in the watch industry, one hundred and fifty years.

Omega (OMEGA) Seamaster watch mechanical male watch, Omega 8500 movement with automatic mechanical movement, accurate travel time, but also as a mechanical watch but has a surprising stability. Case with steel, diameter of about 41.5 mm, men’s wear is appropriate, then strap with leather material, wear elegant style, and with 150 meters waterproof standard, normal use under extreme conditions.

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