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Watches Maker in Hong Kong

Over the past six months in Hong Kong “in accounting” and a series of demonstrations against the anti-parallel off mainland tourists, a severe blow to Hong Kong’s retail industry, where high-end retail influence even more, single-turnover Easter holidays has dropped three Zhisi Cheng.

Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group yesterday said the group’s watch and jewelery shop, the Mainland visitors to Hong Kong reduced, and more ready to come to Hong Kong suffered discrimination, “and people give me trouble, and give me kicked luggage!” With the purpose of all visitors currently shopping is for personal use, reducing the gifts, all the high-end business reasons for the decline. Its watch and jewelery store sales in the holiday, fell four percent over last year, “In the past two cards, three cards and five cards diamond diamonds, sell a few grains daily, according to family a week to sell a maximum of twelve, very awful!”

He said the peers Chow Tai Fook (01929) and Luk Fook Holdings (00590), the turnover of the same period fell by three percent. As he expected that the retail industry will “have ranked light”, its watch and jewelery business operations this year will fall by three percent, turnover among the poor shop, consider not renew the lease, and, in order to meet market requirements, store or considering the sale of some of the price is slightly cheaper goods, rather than store now sold watches, priced at more than $ 30,000, however, the group stage No layoffs.

Earlier Emperor Watch and Jewellery (00887) also pointed out that rent for about twelve years Percival ground floor 59 to 61 September this year lease, because rents will be more likely to change.

Germany is Teemed with Different Talents

Germany is not only a poet, thinker and composer of the country, more rich scientists, engineers, technicians, and the culmination of its manufacturing, especially the automotive industry and machinery manufacturing and world-renowned. This is a rational and romantic with equal stress nation.

Once lowly status of “Made in Germany” in the era of British industry dominated the world, decided to rise and be replaced. Currently, 31 machinery manufacturing sector in Germany has 17 world-leading position in the top three of a total of 27 departments. German manufacturing is called “all the plant factory”, it is the world’s factory maker. Such performance is not accidental, but has deep cultural reasons. China is becoming the world’s “manufacturing”, but not “manufacturing power.” Our key manufacturing facilities still rely on Germany and other developed countries.

In addition, we introduce German equipment, parts and processes, but can not create quality original (Germany) products. “Made in Germany” has become a “Made in China” an important reference. The rise of China’s manufacturing industry, we must study and introduction of the “Made in Germany” cultural factors behind, and to overcome the recent negative factors of modern national character, to carry out a recycling culture manufacturing.

The Life Cycle of Intelligent Hardware

Smart bracelet, smart watch, VR, respectively, at different times to become the darling of air under different but they suffer the same fate. If the smart bracelet represent the past, smart watch representatives now in progress, then the VR may represent the future progress: Age Smart bracelet has passed, and later in which almost no chance; smart watch is now in progress, but Apple Watch occupied the major markets; VR is rising, which is hoping to become the next phenomenal smart wearable device, but did not Who can say they will succeed.

Bracelet called a phenomenal first wave of intelligent hardware products, the world’s best selling bracelet Fitbit, the recent share price rose too well, several analysts believe, Fitbit 2016 will achieve rapid expansion on a global scale. Fitbit is second only to millet bracelet. The end of 2015, millet bracelet with annual sales of 10 million, 1 billion in annual revenue results ending in the Chinese market, riding on wearable device shipments throne.

In 2014, millet bracelet $ 79 to buy the dips price savage popped up with to describe the carnage smart bracelet industry is not excessive, entrepreneurial difficult to calculate the number of the dead team. Incubation too intelligent hardware platform on Firebird CEO Lei Haibo told reporters frankly, before the millet hand ring market, too Firebird hatched a smart bracelet on Taobao crowdfunding, seeing the amount raised a few days to break a hundred million and was millet bracelet kill a surprise, almost half of the crowdfunding users to return, and now this smart bracelet team ceased to exist. Bong is low tide surviving domestic smart bracelet team, his story, very representative.

Apple Watch Shocks the World’s Watch Market

In the delivery of 8.1 million smart watch, Apple and Samsung in the lead, the former market share of 63%, shipments of 5.1 million, while the latter’s market share was 16%, shipments of 1.3 million.

It is worth mentioning that the fourth quarter of last year, the global smart watch sales rose as high as 316 percent, only 1.9 million over the same period last year. This is mainly because, in April last year, Apple introduced the Apple Watch, while the fourth quarter of 2014, the market mainly from Android smart watch manufacturers and similar Pebble company.

Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Moston (Neil Mawston) said that the Swiss watch industry for smart watch the reaction speed is very slow, the Swiss watch industry has taken an ostrich policy, hoping smart watch can burn itself out. Swiss brands such as TAG Heuer, in the fourth quarter of 2015, global shipments of smart watches share of only 1% in high-growth areas of smart watches far behind Apple, Samsung and other leaders.

Additionally, Strategy Analytics report last summer, Apple in the second quarter of the global smart watch market share of 75%. Apple Watch decline in market share may show that Apple’s push smart watches are becoming mainstream, many Android users are starting to buy is compatible with your phone’s watch, which contributed to increase the overall market size.

What Watch can be Bought with 20, 000 Yuan?

Germany classic simplicity of form “small fresh” NOMOS not the general public are aware of the watch brand, but if you come into contact with, people do not like it. This year, NOMOS launched more suitable for men to wear a square self-winding watch, diameter 33 mm, larger, thinner, and equipped with automatic movement. The price is very close to the people, the white disk price of 26,500 yuan, the price of dark blue disk is 27,200 yuan, worth starting.

Montblanc brand features everywhere, hexagonal silver guilloch√© dial white star pattern, with exquisite plated rose gold Roman numerals, with a two-button timing device ,, 9 o’clock small dial shows the seconds; 6 o’clock small dial to triangular mark indicating the date; chronograph seconds hand is located in the central dial. The 12:06 time and location are set 30 minutes drive time and hour counter, hour, minute, and date and time stamp display dot triangle comes with luminous coating, so that the time at a glance.

“Little Prince” special edition launched the IWC has become a fixed custom country table, and can be said that the IWC’s “red network”, which both pilots watch Choulan atmosphere, but also because of the little prince story with a naive fairy tale, is a lot of table fan favorite. In the name of the little prince launched a series of night watch with blue dial and calfskin strap beige stitching marked. In addition, special edition pilot watch in the bottom of the table decorated with “EDITION LE PETIT PRINCE” engraved, and Anthony? Ai Xiu Bai in San drawn in the 1940s wearing a coat, carrying the sword of the little prince’s image.

Smart Movement Changes the Pattern of Watch Industry

In the watch industry, the emergence of quartz watches, mechanical watches gave a narrow escape. Today, the emergence of smart watch, so that the traditional watch manufacturers see the crisis. Transition, or improved, it became a problem. Last year, when we interviewed a conventional watch help manufacturers take the improvement of the road vendors (see: Off the beaten track: a smart watch also can do) now have a technology manufacturers to participate in the improvement of the road.

Yesterday, Pine Road, smart launched its traditional mechanical watch movement and intelligent cross-border integration of all intelligent movement Acura2. The movement uses a dual-motor gear box, breaking the traditional watch movements “second time zone zoning” interlocking mode, each pointer can independently rotate freely; at the same time highly integrated system of high precision metal and micro-mechanical structure electronic transmission technology and Internet technology award, while the all-metal gear box with jewel bearings, to ensure the accuracy and stability of running gear and has a longer life.

At the press conference, the company also introduced a five-based smart watch Acura2 movement, namely Felix (Lucky Star), Nova (Nova Star), Rosen, Rose, Runner five products. Wherein carrying Japanese Citizen quartz watch movement smart “Rosen” and “Rose” series of price quite a force, 199 yuan. In addition, professional-grade intelligent Ironman GPS sports watch “Runner”, equipped with a fourth-generation American SIRF GPS chip, priced at 1288 yuan.

At the press conference, General Manager of Shenzhen City, Pine Road, Intelligent Technology Co. Pengzong Wei said that their smart watch movements not only for their own use, but also a welcome tradition watch manufacturers to cooperate with them to jointly develop smart watch. Put together a smart watch this cake bigger. For consumers care about standby time, Pengzong Wei said that he had found the smart watch can be used for one month. The Runner series of watches can be used in the case turned on the GPS for 12 hours.

Big Ben will be Under Maintenance for Several Months

British officials announced that the famous London landmark Big Ben will be repaired, expected that the repair works will cost 29 million pounds (about 270 million yuan), during the maintenance period, Big Ben may need to “mute” for several months.

According to Big Ben’s management said it was for decades the largest of the Big Ben made a repair, watch repair will last for several months, but for the entire clock tower repairs will start from 2017 for three years. Administration officials said the overall clock tower building is very strong, but after hundreds of years of wind and rain, some parts of the emergence of corrosion and leakage problems.

The service also plans to modernize some of the Big Ben, the transformation, including the installation of an elevator inside the bell tower, installation can color changing LED lamp beside watches.

Big Ben is located in London, UK Thames a bell tower, a subsidiary of the British Parliament Conference Hall clock tower, built in 1859, has been 157 years of history.

Unisex Watch Enjoys More Share in the Market

Some brands eyeing unisex table. September 2014, IWC (IWC) issued simultaneously to both men and women as potential new customers, “Submariner 37.” IWC marketing director Franziska & MIDdot; Gese (Franziska Gsell), said female customers has always existed, the female market for IWC is not a new field.

Other brands are directly into the female market. Hublot launched in 2008 on the Big Bang Tutti Frutti series women watch, attracted a large number of female customers. Today, Ms. watch sales accounted for 25% of the Hublot sales. This year’s Big Bang Broderie series is the St. Gallen, Switzerland (Saint-Gall) embroidery applied to the dial, bezel and strap, and hired models banana child ¬∑ La Fali (Bar Refaeli) as a brand ambassador. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe (Ricardo Guadalupe), said women market is definitely a “potential shares.”

German statistics agency data show that Omega Constellation series, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Chopin’s happy sports series, all women love several watch. Although women luxury watch market is not mature enough, but has shown a good development trend.

How Much Do You Know About Seiko?

Life in mobile applications to crystal Seiko SSP-T7-F is the most appropriate. Ultra-thin SMD crystal. Volume reached 7.0 * 1.5mm. It can be one meter equal. Suitable for use in high-density surface mounting, which uses plastic package design, there are highly reliable tubular quartz crystal frequency provided 32.768KHZ, load capacitance of 6.0pF or 12.5pF.

After there is a 4.7 * 1.2mm (VT-120-F), is 1.5 * 5.0mm (VT-150-F) Comparative Seiko a volume slightly larger patch crystal SSP-T2A, the patch having crystal features: high-precision surface mount type crystal resonator having heat resistance, vibration resistance, impact resistance and other excellent environmental characteristics. Volume 8.7 * 3.7mm, the package SMD crystal legs.

Seiko SEIKO has been included in the global top ten list of companies in the crystal industry. 2012 Seiko SEIKO Group invested $ 15.3 million in domestic construction production base. More make up the domestic market demand for high-end crystal.

Students are Not Allowed to Wear Watches to Attend Exams in India

Indian Institute of Technology recently introduced the 2016 entrance examination dress code requirement that all candidates in the joint entrance examination held on May 22 are not allowed to wear long-sleeved gown, wearing metal objects, high heels and carrying the watch into the examination room.

Under this provision, the candidates wear a short-sleeve shirt, T-shirt, sandals or slippers when entering the examination room, or can not wear long-sleeved collarless Indian-style gown, not wear such as rings, bracelets, brooches and any other metal objects, nor to wear high heels. And are not candidates for dress code 2015. In addition, the regulations also prohibit candidates for the first time to bring any kind of watches to enter the examination room. To remind the candidates of time, the requirements invigilator declare a time every 30 minutes.

After the promulgation of regulations, some parents believe that students should at least allow students to carry mechanical watches, because students have become accustomed to control their own time, the new regulations may increase the pressure on students.

Head of the joint entrance examination explanation, according to the stringent provisions of the standard examination this year the central government, many exam candidates this year are portable electronic products, such as dress and make strict rules. “In order to ensure that students will not be deprived of examination malpractices, we have decided to follow a similar examination requirement.” India is the Indian Institute of Technology, the All India’s top universities students rush by distribution throughout the country of more than a dozen campuses composed annually these campuses organized by the joint entrance examination will attract a large number of candidates.

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