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Smart Watch Priced More than $1500

Earlier last year, Tiger TAG Heuer together with Intel and Google launched a called the most “trench” smart watch. In fact, to say it more expensive, and can only say okay, after all, $ 1,500 did not complete can not afford to the point. But the price of smart watch inside, and indeed is considered quite high. But even so, it is still about a month after listing, selling off the pin which is obviously a terrible thing, but also fully proved the truth:!!!! Rich is more.

Even after Tiger Hoya will increase production capacity by more than 60%, or can not meet the needs of the user’s purchase. In this case, they even temporarily suspended the online sale of this watch, it can only be purchased at the store which – of course, this does not necessarily have the goods.

And now, according to foreign news media came, the situation finally changed. Because Tiger TAG Heuer has been re-opened its online sales platform. And let this incident TAG Heuer Tiger aspect full of confidence, they will even Intel and Google or some other companies continue to cooperate in this year more smart watch device.

Overall speaking, this smart watch TAG Heuer Tiger styling similar to its traditional mechanical watch Carrera series, it can be seen from the outside full of “trench” gas, which is probably why it provoked a lot of people desire to buy a considerable reason. After all, life style have the spending power of people, perhaps this is really difficult to refuse.

Aims at Shocking the Whole World by Watch Making

Dreyfuss (Delaifosi) in 1895 in Switzerland, founded by Moise Dreyfuss, now based in the UK by the fourth generation descendant of the family Dreyfuss Robert Dreyfuss served as executive chairman. It is mainly engaged in watch design, manufacturing and maintenance operations for the UK and overseas markets, sales of watches and clocks. Its brand portfolio includes the best in the UK mid-market Swiss watch brands, more than 45 offices worldwide mid-market countries, the Swiss brand Rotary, the Swiss quality brand Dreyfuss & Co. and England quality brand J & T Windmills.

Through a number of regional retailers and third-party distributors, Dreyfuss Group not only rooted in European markets outside the UK, its international business covers the Far East (including Hong Kong and China) and the Middle East. The acquisition, Haidian Holdings saw what Dreyfuss in the UK and the global market have successfully established business platform.

Mr. President of the South Korea-China Haidian, said: “This acquisition provides a good opportunity for the Group, for its brand portfolio to join the traditional watch brands have far-reaching and has a huge appeal to consumers of the future, we will use the Group’s distribution network throughout the country. the Dreyfuss’s watch brand to international markets, in order to grasp the import of Chinese watch market, especially the huge potential of the mid-priced segment. with the Group timepieces distinguished reputation in Chinese market watches, combined Dreyfuss has successfully established and widely recognized brand, we are confident to create more value for shareholders. ”

This is not the first acquisition of overseas Haidian Group watch brands. In 2011, the Group has in Haidian 22.9 million Swiss francs (about 150 million yuan) acquired the Swiss watch brand eterna (Eterna), and harvesting capacity of its mechanical movement, the same name cheap tables, and Porsche (PorscheDesign) watches production agency. 2013, Haidian Holdings shot again to 86 million Swiss francs (about 560 million yuan) acquisition of high-end Swiss watch brand Corum, this is the first time Chinese buyers acquire Swiss luxury watch brands.

The Safest Children’s Watch Purchased During National Day

I believe many people today remember the spring when a father because of his daughter and people with low vision are linked together by handcuffs and popular network, to be friends dubbed the “handcuffs Dad.” In the face of the arrival of double holiday, children’s travel safety problems are becoming serious up. To avoid such a situation again, small children will be several mainstream market positioning to watch you make a recommendation, the convenience of parents and friends to buy.

All along, the children watch intelligent positioning opinions are good or bad, smart devices are not a dominant, sugar cats, little genius, 360 children guards and other brands range of intelligent hardware products. Because different manufacturers and sales channels, so the functionality and price is also very different, then watch what technology Which is the safest and most cost-effective? With everyone Xiaobian to look at it!

360 children guards watch three generations, using the world’s leading aerospace-level targeting techniques to enhance the relocation 4 technology is by far the most accurate positioning of the watch. Every 15 seconds automatically positioning, you can always view the latest position of the child. Wear it on your wrist children, and supporting connected mobile phone can be easily linked by APP. Bluetooth accompanied by real-time recording, voice exchange, one-way monitoring, sports pedometer, SOS one key alarm, battery life of up to five days, a variety of powerful features can be described as abnormal.

In material terms, the use of state-certified food grade silicone as the main material, the radiation by the State Radio Monitoring Center test qualified, and thoughtful design can replace the strap is a major highlight of this product lies. Currently, 360 Mall ongoing Mid-Autumn Day double big promotion, the price of 399 yuan, compared to similar products is self-evident advantages, but well-stocked open later.

Motion Tracking for Swiss Watches

Swiss watch manufacturer National Railways (Mondaine) has a good pedigree. The company’s watch design is based on 1944 Hans Hill Fick (Hans Hilfiker) for the Swiss railway clock design, information on the dial is easy to read, and loved by many collectors. Currently, however, the company decided to design the most sense watches Helvetica add some technological elements.

Helvetica watch has a design that we know and love. The watch dial has a national standard iron table, and a sub-dial, you can display the user’s day of activity. The motion tracking device uses technology from MMT support pedometer and sleep tracking.

The watch battery life time of two years, provided the motion tracking and “Sleep Cycle Alarm” function, users can wake up in a shallow sleep period users. The watch can also be synchronized with the phone, set the date and time. There is no doubt that this is not the Apple Watch has a similar product, the idea is to combine a sense of design and technology.

This watch is not clear pricing, prices are expected to slightly less than $ 1,000. The watch in this year’s Baselworld were displayed. This again shows us that the Swiss watch industry is what kind of way, to deal with the development of smart watches.

Tips on Protecting Your Watch

Many people feel good watch should be waterproof, the Swiss people and the people of the world have a different understanding. Most of the watch waterproof to 30 meters or 50 meters. And many people means that the table can be placed in the appropriate depth of water without problems. wrong! 30 m or 50 m means living in the Swiss watch waterproof dictionary. In fact, the real meaning is: try not to wet your table. And only when the anti-water mark up to 100 meters deep when they could put into the water table will not water. You can really wear swimming diving tables require more than 200 meters of water level. 30 m: everyday life waterproof, waterproof splash. You can wear Wash hands and face. 50 m: everyday life waterproof strengthen resistance, you can use a small amount of cold water to scrub, can not soak in. 100 m: snorkeling standard available in the pool or sea surface. 200 meters above: diving watch, you can wear depth using underwater breathing apparatus.

The movement is actually quite fragile, especially when it came to the moment of severe shock, Do not you see many people wearing suits senior watch movement involved in the golf swing. To know that in that particular tee rod, wrist force the moment the number of G is very alarming. Although this is not what the human skeleton for the problem, but worn on the wrist watch really is not a small impact, a lot of big-name high-level formal dress watch all because of the owner’s passion swing was sent to the maintenance center.

Many people have this experience, just bought a mechanical watch baffling increased errors. Which is one of the biggest culprit is magnetic, since the modern family and social environment full of magnetic field, if you are not careful to watch their home television set is placed next to the words, soon led to the movement that is magnetic. The significant change is that after the magnetic error when the movement will go more and more, of course, do not panic, you can go after the event by the professional bodies to do magnetic degaussing. In order to avoid such trouble, it is recommended not to wear the watch on the area away from the magnetic field.

Shenzhen Watches are More Fashion and Smarter

“The first smart watch in the micro-channel circle of friends commissioning, opened in 2016 were sold in 3000, this is really unexpected, greatly inspired us to do the smart meter confidence.” Chairman of Shenzhen Histon Watch Fansheng Wen said that currently the company is increasing its investment in research, soon to be a female form, will be followed by a second-generation product.

Fan Shengwen enter Shenzhen Venture traditional watch industry for over 10 years, since the factory-made business skills and become many well-known watch supporting processors. In 2014 he entered the smart watch business, the smart bracelet watch functionality into traditional fields.

Reporter survey found that traditional watch companies in Shenzhen in recent years into the smart watch area is increasing, but the traditional watch company encountered many difficulties in the transition, one can not keep up sales, and second, the development can not keep up, many traditional watch companies are still in transition “in the way forward.” Turning traditional watch the transformation, Fan Shengwen that the traditional watches and smart watch “two entirely different areas.” Traditional owners do watch smart watch, it must first “their leather own life” mindset to change. Traditional watch industry to do research and development will generally calculate the cost, while the smart watch belonging to electronics, rely on innovation to continue to push forward, to do research and development only constant investment in innovation do not calculate the cost.

A Watch Firm Took A High Amount Order

Industrial Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City Yi Nisuo was an ordinary watch foundry business in 2010, we created the brand. In 2014, the company “try” mentality Gabor will participate, did not think it contributed to the joint venture with Guangdong business students and other platforms, and the company received a dozen orders.

2015, “Yi Nisuo,” the company will again participate in Gabo and expanded the exhibition area and scale, has the same travel agency, FIA, tourist areas such as the establishment of cooperative relations. This year will Gabo, the company in the exhibition on the first day, just as many foreign trade companies signed a cooperation agreement, reached a preliminary cooperation with Chinese airlines and more than 20 electronic business platform.

Dongguan Aini Suo Yu Industrial Co., Ltd., chairman of Hubei: “the number may be around 5000, the amount may reach more than 15 million, the amount of which is already laid down in an amount not laid down, including the platform for us to promote. each platform will put 50000-100000, these ten days, at least we have more than 20 (electricity supplier) platform to our factory. “

Most Luxurious Watch Throughout the World

Watch feature rich again, and then a long history, it is more attractive than not a few diamonds, especially ladies watch, there are pieces of gorgeous coat propaganda than anything are easy to use, has been shining jewel is the best self-introduction.

Because of modern women “beauty” was praised diversity, Bulgari watches DEDECATES Diva, giving it unparalleled strong personality, while not forgetting the historical and artistic presentation. Bulgari Diva series jewelry watches for color and texture stunning performance make every woman fascinated.

The first series of watches was born in 1935, to the Duchess of Windsor as a muse, a unique clasp design emblem tempting lifetime emotional tie him down. Cadenas’s first jewelry watches, K yellow gold casting, double circle cylindrical hinged bracelet can be worn as a bracelet, so that the inclination of the wearer can be low-key dial read the time. This year Van Cleef & Arpels continuation of the classic design, the introduction of the new dial style, precious stones mosaics and new Cadenas watch clasp design.

Things You Should Know About Wearing Quarzt Watch

First, make it clear that, watches and shirts, suits, leather shoes with not the same, wear watches is no “etiquette” of Blair wearing colorful Swatch attend state activities, Obama wearing sissy block small dial quartz watch TAG HEUER general election debates, are not really any “rude”, Rui Dai Swatch presided over the program, of course, no problem.

I said above, this is not to say that we are encouraged to “mix and match”, you have to watch their own interest before, select “security with” no problem, but do not always “safe with,” That would very boring. Formal occasions to wear belts three-pin is the safest choice, but also the most boring choice, you wear three yards block table, or fancy ROGER DUBUIS, even BRAUN electronic form, in fact, no one will think you mix What is the problem. To watch and cufflinks, jewelery, is reflected in the personal taste of the parts, “safe choice” also means “no personal interest”, which buy and only buy luxury classic as a “timid consumption. ”

Table fans will probably think, Rui love Swatch actually quite lovely, but he pulled presidents to defend himself a little silly, in the final analysis Cock wire mentality mischief, if the “do not explain” Just a little problem has gone. Swatch take French cufflinks, taste is a bit strange, but strange taste is not a crime, like wearing a cheap watch but not the sin.

Invisible Print on Senior Mechanical Watch

I have seen some antique clocks, early 19 century early 20th century antique pocket watch, late last century, the late modern watch, there is impressive, often polished good watch, appreciate it very well, first of all psychologically they have started to accept it, and polish the bad watch, unless a good friend a good brand, the price will be good. Of course, look at the watch that period, the most attractive is the main material, the mechanical structure and movement of the road version, incidentally is polished look, and many times these watches is not much polish, the degree is not high. Modern watches, meticulous attention to detail, we talk about some of the main aspects of the movement of the grinding, because the appearance of polished pieces often are mechanical grinding, grinding hand much, and now low-end watches do look very pretty, so the real test of Haute Horlogerie grinding level, through the movement enjoy better grasp.

Many senior table friends, for grinding is actually very understanding, we watch home users in some of these are professional watch repair division, the watch company’s technical staff, so I trespass, it attempts to appeal. Generally speaking, we regard the grinding movement is divided into two parts, one is a functional polished, decorative polished part. Functional polished refers serve timepiece features polished, mainly seen in the gear shaft, sharp teeth, etc., the purpose is to enhance the performance of the watch, stability and durability. Decorative polished refers to the grinding in order to enhance the quality and appearance of the movement carried out, to help watch for little performance, it has developed into a modern art of watchmaking, and set up a special training course and even schools.

If the old school of thought to explain, then, it is like goods decorative grinding, sanding functionality is king, because the most important function of the mechanical watch, still travel, and good product that reputed rivers and lakes, because watch high quality. What is quality? Accurate, durable, long-term, on the basis of these, the initial structure is well-designed and well-site processing unit functions, including grinding. Functional polished three movement works to do more popular, a Rolex, one nations, one FP movement factory, of course, not to say that other brand features polished as good as these, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe features polished it is also in place, but we know more is few.

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