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Smart Watches are Hot Sale for Children

On August 26, correspondent in the city a number of cell phone stores Dongshan Avenue, have seen different brands of smart watches. According to one of the store’s sales staff briefing, nearly two months, every day some parents to buy for their children smart watch, the best time of day to sell a dozen units.

Reporter survey found that market sales of children’s intelligence watches price from 200 yuan to a thousand dollars, that looked an ordinary electronic watch, but can be installed in the table SIM card with phone calls. Follow the instructions to install on the phone APP software parents can watch positioning software, the trail map, the children travel route at a glance. Many of the brand is also based on the child at home, at school, at home, such as different scenes, set the security mode, interference-free mode, monitoring mode, tracking mode, sleep mode, you can send a voice message. Each watch comes with SOS button, if in case of emergency, press the SOS button can call for help.

At a cell phone store, Chan told reporters that members of the public, to children with smart watch, is directed at the “Anti-lost” feature to go, “Now mobile phones are smart machines, bigger in size, with a convenient, many times a child with a cell phone They have become toys, play phone also hurt the eyes, this smart watch more convenient. “

Japan Made the First Door Clock in about 100 Years Ago

In the clock dial hour and minute hand on the middle of the Founder, it is very prominent “horse riding global” trademark. Open the door clock cover, a written alphabet (AICHIKEN CLOCK MAKERS UNIONS MARK) bill is very eye-catching. According to the author access to information is understood at the time, many Japanese production of watches are engraved with the words “Aichiken Clock Makers Union Mark” of. The representative of Japan Aichiken longhouse Aichi.

Aichi, Japan in 1902 established the watch trade associations, companies for its watch production quality checks. The association of watch manufacturers in the product is marked with this mark, one of the more famous include “Seikosha”, “Owari” and “Royal” and other brands. These ancient bell should be the beginning of the 20th century in Japan longhouse made, marked with English, so most are exported to the United States and Europe. On the rear of the inner wall of the pendulum, also painted a “horse riding global” trademarks and the English letters.

It is worth mentioning that this clock restored oil, after full winding can embark 16 days chime sound loud and sweet, very accurate when you go after adjustment, it is not difficult to see, is indeed very high quality made in Japan .

This clock looks nice when you walk Times accurate, retained has been one hundred years of history, and the product phase is still intact, it is rare. This old clock, on the one hand to show the image of the social scene a century ago, but also a profound revelation of the year the Japanese militarism. While history will eventually go away gradually, but history delivered inspiration and lessons, whether or not to acknowledge, I never was there.

Both peoples were brave fight against the country’s war of aggression, or a war of aggression when the people of the country, whether it is through the people of that era was born after that time people should adhere to the correct view of history, remembering history, respecting Historically, peace must be defended.

Wear Different Watches in Different Locations

At the time of attending lavish banquets, solemn ceremony, especially the formal ceremony and so on such a formal event, organized by the inviting party will usually be clearly marked in particular dress code: Please wear formal dress to attend. And according to today’s world the prevailing Western dress etiquette, whether it is the most formal dinner dress, dress them any level except for ceremonial dress styles, colors, fabrics have specific requirements, the more accessories will make the appropriate requirements .

In the men’s all kinds of accessories which, as the main event on the watch that appears, in the usual dress modeling appearance rate can be described as very significant and eye-catching moment it was recommended that “should not be too exposed.” The reason is simple, many under the formal social occasions, events, focus on the performance of the required attitude should be solemn, serious, side held mainly outside the regulation transgressing any shred performance will be considered destruction of etiquette, outdated, inadequate mature. So, gentlemen gentlemen to remember that wearing a dress to attend activities at social occasions, do not “watch” is now too far.

Thus, the dress code is clearly within the scope of the level of dress, for men with evening dress watches need to meet the following conditions: First, not too exaggerated to show off, can not be too assertive exposed, from the color to the material, from the appearance modeling the intrinsic function is so; secondly, try to watch classic and dignified temperament, the style of the show to try and dress the dress can fit matching; third, be sure to make things simple, quality performance style, this time with a watch the main function is convenient for you to easily read the time in the event of their own performance and elegant style of social etiquette, any other extraordinary sophisticated watch features can only be counted as icing on the cake, the column is not a necessary condition.

Piaget Emperador watch is a re-interpretation based on the 1957 best-selling models. 18K rose gold case used is classical, the upper and lower middle-width slightly narrower square case design, presentation while using lines and curves formed by the fusion arc shape; sunburst brushed with rose gold standard scale , decorated with elegant side very contemporary dial at 12 o’clock Earl brand mark, he made clear that this history.

Comment on the Performance of Wearable Device Chips

Small to large national strategies to facilitate civil Beidou navigation is becoming increasingly important. Beidou chip into the smart wearable market momentum is also increasingly apparent. Micro Branch, Hua Tai, and the stars through the core, the core dreams Wuhan and many other manufacturers have launched a wearable applications based on Beidou chip and is put into the market. However, the smart wearable market Beidou chip adoption and there is no scale, the Beidou chip is still in the introduction phase. Faced UBLOX, MTK occupy existing market structure, how to break?

Compass smart wearable smart watches have been covered, positioning shoes, bags, clothes, personal Tracker and many other products, of which the most prominent children’s watch market. As early as August 2014 Ai Beko launched Beidou angel children watch, is China’s Beidou satellite navigation system used in the field of children’s first civilian research products. A small 2015 Abba cho Children watch call release, set Compass + GPS + GLONASS positioning, supplemented WiFi + LBS positioning to achieve five relocation error even accurate to between 1 meter. Huawei glory also small K, through GPS, Compass, WiFi, base stations, gravity sensor to locate. Compass to locate the wearer as a selling point in the product has been widespread concern.

In 2015, the smart wearable market experienced child-oriented smart watch a large amount of explosive wave of market, the domestic chip manufacturers have also introduced a number of intelligent wearable Beidou chip, want to take this chance to take off. Said Liu Jian Guangzhou Shenzhen Weir Technology Development Co., Ltd., director of marketing in the smart wearable market, six months before Branch micro targeting put into UBLOX, active preparation. After Branch Compass micro chip launched in 2015, a succession of small quantities to supply children watch manufacturer. Cooperation with clouds Xiamen, Dongguan and other manufacturers in the intellectual standard positioning shoe market, there are a small ship.

New Fashion Bracelet Watch Made by Vivi

February 20 Garmin announced two new series of Vivo wearable device: Vivoactive HR fitness watches and Vivofit 3 activity tracking bracelets. Can be seen immediately, Garmin’s design is more fashionable and exclusive, especially Vivofit 3. However, the new design is not just, the two devices are better than before, there are new features, including automatic identification and tracking motion type, and the optical heart rate monitor.

Vivofit 3 in favor of the base class fitness tracking wearable device able to track the number of steps, calories and distance. It most out of color feature is the automatic recognition of the tracking exercise, including swimming, cycling, running, elliptical trainers, and exercise intensity.

Bracelet with a small backlit screen, 50 meters waterproof, battery life of up to one year. As for design, Garmin has its own Style series, including a variety of single-dyed pattern strap, as well as designer Jonathan Adler designed a variety of bright patterns strap.

Vivoactive HR watch more high-end, close to the smart watch. Optical new heart rate monitor, so the user no longer needs to use the chest strap, calories and more accurate tracking. Watches also can track altitude sensors and improved GPS functionality, have the ability to track the movement of running, cycling, golf, skiing / snowboarding and swimming.

The Sales Policies of Watch O2O

During last Christmas, when sales consultant from ordinary Sheng Xinjiang region through the table row Mating Ting Sheng made a net sum she had never thought of selling watches – she sold a heritage of Vacheron Constantin watches, domestic public price of 145,000 yuan.

December 24 Ma Tingting in its work the mall received two customers, ask whether they have Vacheron Constantin. To know that she was not selling brand, Xinjiang also did not sell Vacheron Constantin, if in the past simply do nothing, however, when the Group Sheng network to help on busy. Ma Tingting open end of the phone network to tell customers when Sheng Group brand goods, and the goods can be transferred from other areas, and help guests find buy tables. While guests have concerns over the spread of problems at home and abroad, but learned in the domestic buy table service and after sales in the domestic advantages of a final decision to purchase.

Like Ma Tingting such sales case everywhere, since on-line, through the network has been traded over two thousand Sheng single sales, total sales of nearly 60 million, an average of 30,000 customer price, customer price highest transaction reached 1.12 million. Prime Time Network as a platform for the brand new O2O brought unlimited sales opportunities, and sales to the sales clerk brought the faith!

Moving Coordinate Nautical Bell

1726 ~ 1735, the British Harrison invented the grid-like temperature compensated pendulum, locust claw escapement apparatus and security forces, and then invented the marine chronometer. This mechanical clock sailing through continuous improvement and perfection, has been in use for over 200 years.

Nautical Zhongfa Ming, nearly 300 years after the ancient nautical clocks, modern machinery, nautical quartz clock, navigation clock modern technology changes. After the 1970s, with the widespread application of scientific and technological progress, development of electronic technology and crystal oscillator, accurate travel time quartz clock gradually replaced sailing nautical mechanical clock.

Mechanical nautical clocks must be used in regular maintenance, which requires not only superb technology, but also requires a lot of maintenance funds, which has a nautical clock once a symbol of wealth. Today, the production process and the historical and cultural value nautical mechanical clock increasingly valued by collectors.

Difficult to Tell the Difference Between Fake and Real

Jaeger-LeCoultre rights declined event and then turmoil. This newspaper reported yesterday, “three days to reject bad Jaeger aftermarket warranty”, caused widespread concern. Yesterday, Ms. Kong consumers complained that continue to Beijing Daily reporter, Trade shop sales recommended to her later “false strap.” Jaeger-LeCoultre sales, said Ms. hole in the counter to buy a watch Europe unable to determine authenticity.

Ms. hole was found in only two days wearing a white alligator strap Popi situation occurred, had traveled Jaeger Trade shop requires service. Ms. store saleswoman hole stressed leather strap itself is a consumable, especially crocodile leather strap do not wear, is prone to breakage. Meanwhile, the clerk also believe that within two days, Ms. strap damaged by incorrect hole worn due to friction plus clothes, white leather strap is easily stained, it is recommended to wear do not wear Ms. hole when the table denim clothing, and proposes to add money to replace or dark calfskin ostrich strap. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Shiqian and Wang Gaidian survey, the same as the other male clerk explained, emphasizing the strap no quality problems.

The store clerk recommended Miss Kong and reporters replacement strap calf or ostrich, “price in 2000-4000 yuan, the current calfskin strap out of the store, only silk strap and alligator strap.” The clerk provides for women bore an alternative solution, “do not have to change the product family of origin strap, Trade Mall currently has a shop selling watches wristwatch, strap can go to the store to buy, the price than the Jaeger-LeCoultre cheap. “Mrs Hung said that as consumers, it is impossible to save money another fake strap behavior Jaeger Trade shop of puzzling.

The Specific Time on Quartz Watch

Quartz watch provided with written instructions on the watch battery life refers to the use of a new watch battery life. Since the watch is fitted with a battery assembly to begin operating, and watches from the watchmaker to the sales cycle, but also take some time. Thus, there may be individual consumers to buy after the electronic quartz watch, with less than the rated time no electricity phenomenon.

Wear a quartz watch the people will have to wear the watch noticed more time passes, the shorter the battery life, which is very truly reflect the state of internal lubrication performance movement. Battery life becomes shorter because of the movement to make mechanical devices running the motor requires extra energy, which will consume more resistance. Therefore, it is recommended every 5 years, to a professional service center for quartz watches to conduct a comprehensive maintenance, thus extending the life of the watch.

Although modern battery production quality is better, there is still leaking, climb up the risk of a base gas, are more likely to damage the movement. According to statistics, there is a fault quartz watches are mostly caused due to the battery. Therefore, please keep in mind before the battery expires replace the battery. Usually 2 years to replace a battery most appropriate intervals. However, if the watch appears frequently changing the battery, it should consider whether a circuit failure.

D-star Men’s Watch with Ceramics and Diamonds

As the world’s watch design and innovative materials leader, Rado model first introduced high-tech ceramic materials watchmaking. The Rado D-star Royal Star radar men’s mechanical watch R15938103 its case and bracelet material using a technique called Ceramos titanium carbide cermet. This innovative material has advantages together ceramics and titanium, extremely lightweight and easy to scratch.

White plate design is very thin needles in line with the original style of the watch, from a quite retro style taste. Sapphire, 25 stone automatic mechanical movement, calendar display at 3 o’clock, luminescent hands, waterproof 100 meters, back through the show, wearing men would be more elegant.

Created since the early 20th century, the Swiss watch brand Rado with its high-tech research and award-winning design favored by the global watch enthusiasts. Rado watches as its original basis, introduced the first scratch-resistant watch. With V10K then reached the pinnacle of innovative design, this watch is durable because of its unique diamond surface is regarded as the world’s hardest watch.

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