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China Jewelry and Watch Assembly Business

In the outgoing 2015, the Chinese business world watches the most difficult year, but also the need to reform and innovation of the year, but also full of change, opportunity, experience, enhance year. Affected by domestic and international economic situation downturn, China watches, jewelry business industry in general faced varying degrees of difficulty.

Jewelry and Watch on the retail industry, the traditional physical retail online channel by the impact is obvious. And traditional offline stores as compared to online channel a lot of advantages. Online shopping channels unchecked time and place, anytime, anywhere purchases. Unlimited shelf online channels, to provide consumers with more choices. And consumers increasingly understand the product information through online channels, convenient and businesses communicate.

Therefore, we note that more and more consumers understand the products through online channels, and complete the purchase online, which gives the store an enormous impact.

However, in line watch and jewelery shop is not nothing. The line store has a natural rustic experience advantage, convenient consumer experience distance perception merchandise. Especially for these relatively expensive watch and jewelery items, in order to reduce the risk of purchase, consumers often need to store sensory experiences, was assured purchase.

Placed in front of the watch and jewelery retail entities reality is that by the hours of operation, staff capacity, store location and other subjective and objective conditions, it is low conversion rate and new customers and old customers to recall, and the path of the lack of fan operation; store shop long and sales staff visiting customers often do not know the spending habits of customers can not be learned whether its members or VIP; higher store occupancy costs of marketing materials, and the results can not be monitored.

A High-quality Tower Clock Building

A high-quality building will tower clock considerably, and thus become a landmark of a city or region. Especially in recent years, to meet the urban construction, new business development needs, a variety of clock tower is born as springing general. In many manufacturing companies in the tower clock, tower clock Weihai Huasheng As a professional manufacturer, adhering to the “measure time, record the times” business philosophy, to show the perfect combination of watch technology and architecture, tower clock design to lead the new trend of today.

From its inception, namely Weihai Huasheng and well-known universities to create a joint platform for innovative research and development, and actively develop their own intellectual property rights tower clock, and gradually get more awards at the national, provincial, municipal, and many other research projects. At present, Weihai Huasheng has become a set research and development, manufacturing, sales and service for an integrated science and technology enterprises, mainly engaged in Tazhong, construction bell, bell landscape, outdoor clocks, watches and many other types of composite clock.

Weihai Huasheng relevant person in charge told reporters: from ancient sundial, to fire bell Tonghudilou, China is the hometown of watches. Today’s society, as Chinese companies, we combine high-tech precision instruments and traditional Chinese craft, and strive to achieve further upgrade the quality of watches. “Voices in the name of the sound of the Chinese, we aim to create a strong national enterprises, with excellent precision and ranks among the world’s best public timepiece,” the official told reporters.

Purchase Luxury Watch On Mother’s Day

Montblanc Bao Xi Series Day & Night watch set female graceful temperament, wearing practicality, superb tabulation process and top aesthetic standards in one, it is the perfect companion for modern women. Watch with white as the main tone, unique and elegant carving machine engraved dial pure, refreshing. As night with a small display complicated watches, Montblanc presents the functional design can be described as distinctive – crafted blue sky with golden sun representative of the day, and deep dark blue sky with a smile Angela moon represents the night, combined with scattered stars, it is beautiful and moving. In addition, 34 mm diameter bezel, set with 72 Top Wesselton more diamonds to highlight the elegant feeling.

Every mother has a heart retro dream. The passage of time for nostalgia stretches without a break, from the mother’s clothing, jewelry to watches, as if retro fashion muse, inspire people for the good things were yearning and pursuit. Swiss watch brand Tissot in this bright holiday to Modern Korea series gold watch to pay tribute to retro. The series equipped with automatic mechanical movement, the use of the mother mellow atmosphere full of oval cat’s eye design, full and smooth lines sketched out mother elegant, noble atmosphere. Mother of pearl soft sheen, Roman numerals interleaved 18K rose gold case with the retro trend each other, like a mother to express love for their children introverted, it is worth deep taste.

Natural pearls mother of pearl dial design into a hollow four-leaf clover shape, a symbol of beauty and happiness, as the mother of our expectations, and now we would like to be this wonderful gift of her blessing; mother of pearl dial finely polished, mosaic design, etc. multi-channel technology was presented in front of us, like a mother meticulous care; elegant rose gold bezel, with zircon inlaid, decorated with elegant pumpkin-shaped crown, transparent sapphire glass case back, as well as novel and unique custom center pendulum, and has a band-like warm silk silky texture and a more solid black fiber strap, all carefully designed and reveals the details of the mother’s gentle, generous and elegance.

How could Traditional Watch Survive with the Beat of Creative Apple Watch?

Although released after Apple Watch, as always, is the pass is issued over the day, but at home and in the past Apple products compared, Apple Watch, apart from the concern was much more rational analysis, Apple’s stock price is only slightly elevated 0.4 %, while public opinion polls conducted in foreign media, there are up to 69% of Apple users said they would not choose to buy Apple Watch.

But even so, there are still a traditional watch manufacturers feel a huge crisis, it is the world’s largest watchmaker Swatch, co-founder and even “ushered in the Ice Age” to describe the traditional watch market after the advent of the Apple Watch, and to know that the majority of the industry is not optimistic about the tone of Apple Watch. So, what makes him so panic it?

Many people think that Apple Watch substantive identity of consumer electronics products, Apple will shape whom fashion and luxury route does not go smoothly, because consumer electronics is no value to the collection and use of long-term capacity, and with the product Iterative updates, its value will continue to fall, so for most of the investment to buy a table or as a kind of effective way to reveal the identity of the people, Apple watch is not a good choice.

But on the other hand, Apple Watch consumer electronics identity but may be able to help them sell more products because of consumer electronics start threshold lower than the high-end watches too many potential users not on an order of magnitude. At present, there is news that in 2015 Apple will ship about 15 million Apple Watch, it is worth mentioning that this figure is determined because Apple Watch screen suppliers LG Display supply chain in this year’s approximately 15 million, Therefore it does not represent the needs of the upper limit of Apple Watch.

The Swatch to Apple Watch sales are estimated at around 20 million to 30 million units, but you know that last year, Swiss watch exports worldwide, but 28.6 million, which means that Apple can single-handedly in a year or two the challenge in the global watch industry accounted for half of the value of the traditional Swiss watch group.

What Watch Should You Buy for Your Kid to Go to School?

Smart Garments market today, except for the movement of intelligent adult consumers of smart watch bracelet and then beyond, especially as parents we consumers are more concerned about the children’s intelligence wearable device. Of course, due to the current undead too much, do not care to take away other people’s children and even street children arrogant grab news.

It bears the child’s parents let their frightened. But now a child positioned against loss, talk and interact with parents and other basic functions of children seems to have become a watch just to be. Children appear intelligent wearable products not only solved the day and night so that parents worry about child safety issues, and their accompanying parents between children and other interactive features enhanced exchanges between parents and children, but also allow parents more time and the opportunity to communicate with their own children. But now the market many children smart watch, always pick dazzled. How to choose a children watch? Today we bring children currently on the market more popular watches.

Most recognizable watches the front screen, 360 children watch 3S has a 1.3 inches full-color IPS screen 261PPI true, the screen area is regarded as a relatively large child watches a watch, and a higher proportion of the screen. Middle of the screen in addition to a 360 mark, but also uses a glossy screen, very cool in the bright light of clarity and viewing angle is also good, can effectively protect children’s glasses, but this screen is not dirt, easily contaminated with fingerprints.

For children, the strap is a sensitive place, easy to breed bacteria and they often have a habit of biting, we can not ignore safety. Watches use hypo-allergenic silicone, no smell, along with flexibility and breathability to ensure safe and comfortable to wear. Strap with traditional buckle design, 10 holes of potential energy for the table to bring children of different wrist sizes, easy fixed at the wrist. Strap is also equipped with dazzling color pattern texture design, and support the removal of the replacement, but also to meet the customization needs of children.

39 Collections from Summer Palace

According to the relevant person in charge of the Summer Palace, this exhibition of Tibetan Qing Summer Palace watches are watches, a total of 39, covering square clock, clock, table stand, wall charts, etc., modeling covers the lighthouse style, bird type, style dolls , travel style and other styles, to the late Qing Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong, the French domestic system up to the US, both chronologically style typical Western style, but also the Qing made to do at and around the production of Chinese and Western style, is Qing Watch rare collection the first showcase.

It is understood that the Summer Palace Tibetan western watches in time mainly late 19th and early 20th century Western-made watches, both a small amount of the Qing Yi Park Remains of 18th century clocks. The materials, mainly copper and gilded wood, decorated in a variety of precious stones and enamel.

Origin mainly the United Kingdom, France, the United States, as well as a small amount of Chinese Guangdong, Hong Kong produced clock. Relevant responsible person said, “This time we have the Summer Palace collection of 39 watches please Qing Museum admission, although a small number, but our time for the late Qing Dynasty Qing possession of the table, not only has high artistic aesthetic value, it is an important carrier and Western cultural exchange. ”

And another “fragrant garden habitat” Hong cultural exhibitions mainly through plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and other incense for the various categories of plants, incense holder, incense bottles, incense burners and other ancient writers and poetry and is colored incense incense culture Display Blending contact with garden of life.

Chinese Collector Spend So Much Money Collecting Watches

Chinese collectors have a collection network believes that this clock face by two layers of glass, printed dial on the bottom of the glass, this layer is fixed. Fixed on the surface layer of glass which pointer, but the glass layer is active, driven by the base of the pinion turns it to form a pointer rotation effect. But not directly with the pinion drive wheel rotation transparent, of course, can not be just one or two transmission gears, the middle is likely to have a chain or group is responsible for the drive shaft or gear.

Mysterious bell mysterious reason, probably because of the principle of invisibility, like magic. Magic cover-up, there is always a place in tricks, you should see the usually becomes invisible, but once get through it, it is no longer mysterious.

Mysterious bell respected due to market, coupled with expensive, since ancient times in the production. By year, and its value are as follows: the level of French-made fathers mysterious bell highest value; the early 20th century German mystic value greatly bell followed; and the United States in the early 20th century, the value of re-; 1950s some mysterious Swiss electronic clock also it has amazing value. As for modern domestic heavy grandchildren mysterious bell, then there is no value to the collection, practical good about.

Specially Made Big Bang Watch

This called Big Bang Sang Bleu wrist tattoo is Hublot (HUBLOT) Tattoo studio Sang Bleu London to join together to create. This table is inspired by the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci “Vitruvian Man”, the harmonious and balanced pattern design gives the watch to record the time being.

Watch edges are chamfered to produce geometric effect. Round bezel is polished into hexagonal, so watch presents a wonderful three-dimensional effect. Second scale engraving on the metal dial, curve and overall harmony of a watch. Dial “no pointer” unique design not only gives the watch a more mysterious atmosphere, but also to lead the new time dimension. Three levels of rhodium-plated octagonal plate overlapping display time. The largest octagonal tray for “Hour”, a small octagonal plate reads “minute”, “hour” and “minute” plates are decorated with white luminous coating in order to read the time. The H logo and decorated with black dial Sang Bleu hourglass is recorded seconds elapsed. And the table 200 limited edition.

From the figure, you can find this use of Milan strap watch looks very shiny and soft layering, like a circle around the wrist of a metal ribbon. In fact, this watch is inspired from the ribbon, Dior watchmakers have the soft and supple gloss ribbon shows itself enough to explain the watchmaker’s craftsmanship, the traditional weaving process, especially gold silver ribbon weaving skills (passementerie) conducted a deeper exploration.

How to Choose A Right Quartz Watch

Movement is the soul of the watch, Quartz crystal produced by the battery so that the law of vibration to achieve timing, the movement of the direct impact of travel time accuracy, endurance, durability, good movement a year error in about five seconds, the life of up to ten tables, the same function, of course, the more expensive the better movement.

In addition to quartz watch to see the time, you can also display the calendar, day, date, moon phase, chronograph functions, the more functions the more expensive price, in addition to water resistance, support night vision is also a demand factors.

Material aspects of the case mainly with stainless steel alloys, titanium, plastic, case gold, silver, diamond, etc., as well as aspects of the strap material, such as a belt, tape, strip and so on, all to a certain extent and new style of decision-resistant watch. For the style and shape, in fact, is the most important consideration, watch design changeable, neat, sports, the outdoors, fashion, business, different standards of personal preference.

Tips on Choosing the Right Mechanical Watches

Many people say that there are now a mobile phone, why should buy the table? I have always felt like the men wear a watch and is a reason to buy a car, the bus can be manned, and can carry more people, why want to buy a car? It is a question relating to taste and pursuit. To know dig the phone at the time, his girlfriend will feel mature enough, no sense of security; the boss will see you unhappy; customers will feel the loss of taste, visible, watch this thing in a man who is a bit miraculous magic.

Straight men should look very mind God not man, Viagra is not imposing it? So watch it choose, to shape fashion atmosphere, out to cool to pull the wind, from time to time to show some force may be exposed grid, there are some impressive features much the better. The mechanical watch is full of ambition hormonal image, conspicuous enough man enough enough high-handed, is the best choice of straight men, there are more important point is that mechanical watches do not need to replace the battery ah Hey.

This Nivada mechanical watch hundred dollar heavyweight class table, watch equipped with imported automatic movement, 21 rubies embedded, also has a luminous scale, unimpeded line day and night before the week disc, double disc calendar display, practical Leverage drops of a sense of quality. Nostalgia is a big cool watch election, Nivada watch this great Roman literal retro design, showing the classic Aston temperament, essential business entertainment.

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