China Jewelry and Watch Assembly Business

In the outgoing 2015, the Chinese business world watches the most difficult year, but also the need to reform and innovation of the year, but also full of change, opportunity, experience, enhance year. Affected by domestic and international economic situation downturn, China watches, jewelry business industry in general faced varying degrees of difficulty.

Jewelry and Watch on the retail industry, the traditional physical retail online channel by the impact is obvious. And traditional offline stores as compared to online channel a lot of advantages. Online shopping channels unchecked time and place, anytime, anywhere purchases. Unlimited shelf online channels, to provide consumers with more choices. And consumers increasingly understand the product information through online channels, convenient and businesses communicate.

Therefore, we note that more and more consumers understand the products through online channels, and complete the purchase online, which gives the store an enormous impact.

However, in line watch and jewelery shop is not nothing. The line store has a natural rustic experience advantage, convenient consumer experience distance perception merchandise. Especially for these relatively expensive watch and jewelery items, in order to reduce the risk of purchase, consumers often need to store sensory experiences, was assured purchase.

Placed in front of the watch and jewelery retail entities reality is that by the hours of operation, staff capacity, store location and other subjective and objective conditions, it is low conversion rate and new customers and old customers to recall, and the path of the lack of fan operation; store shop long and sales staff visiting customers often do not know the spending habits of customers can not be learned whether its members or VIP; higher store occupancy costs of marketing materials, and the results can not be monitored.

Chinese Watches and Clocks Industry

According to China Watch Association statistics, China has more than 1,800 watch manufacturer, employs 32 million people; in 2014, the industry realized an industrial output value of 65.4 billion yuan, exports of $ 5.325 billion and imports $ 3.569 billion; total and watches yield 1.03 billion watch movements, clock and clock movements yield 540 million, respectively, accounting for 80% and 90% of world production. Our group of old watch company after long-term efforts, already has a production capacity tourbillon, perpetual calendar, chronograph multifunctional complex mechanical watches, is in addition to Switzerland, Germany, the only way to produce such high-grade machinery State table, and product technology, performance, stability, and gradually approaching the level of Swiss watches.

However, the Ministry of the responsible person, watch the product brand value is particularly significant consumer brand awareness has become an important factor for consumers to buy watches. Our watch industry backbone enterprises have mastered the production of other high-end tourbillon mechanical watch multifunctional complex ability, with the qualifications and international top brands competing against, but the brand awareness and recognition is still short board.

This result is, low value-added products, prices do not increase, one of the very few products of similar quality product price less than Switzerland and other countries; the level of corporate profits is not high, the product back to people with low-end image, and creating a vicious cycle, resulting in enterprises do not have enough energy and financial resources to increase brand awareness and innovation.

In addition, the watch industry-specific precision manufacturing technology and precision timing products have long service in various fields of national economy important equipment manufacturing, instrumentation, petrochemical, aerospace, and support for the independent watch brand building for the promotion of our country also raise the level of precision manufacturing It has important strategic significance.

The Special Making Skills on Luxury Watches

This 42 mm watch with full calendar typical classical design dial showing the time display and a complete calendar functions. Central dial with a red crescent tip blue steel hands to indicate the date of the outer dial. Week and month display at the bottom of the dial at 12 o’clock and set side by side. It was below the dial moon phase display. Adjust the date, week, month and moon phase display quickly and easily, simply by pressing the embedded side of the case corresponding to the button to complete.

Watch the presentation in the form of a traditional clock the regular time. Bilateral decorative enamel dial at 6 o’clock hour, to 24 hours and display panel. There are two hours pointer on the dial at 6 o’clock: the upper part of the blue steel hollow pointer to indicate the location of the time, gray beneath the pointer to indicate the home time. Tourbillon region slightly lower compared to the dial plane, the peripheral region of the dial for precise timing of 1/5 second seconds tick, and also for the minute display.

Recently, 2013 “Watches & Wonders” first Asia Watch Fair held in Hong Kong, in order to make this event more colorful watches, top international luxury brand Montblanc extraordinary new work not only with stunning debut, but also specially designed a personalized experience through links, close demonstrate its sophisticated watchmaking to visitors, unlimited imagination and passion ignited watch collectors and enthusiasts.

Famous Chinese Watch Maker Xu Jiabao

75-year-old civil inventor Xu Jiabao Wujin Wu Tong people, namely the Department of mainland China when the first founder of the International Independent Institute (AHCI) alternate members, Chinese master clocks, precision mechanical engineers, more than 50 years in the manufacture of watches. Flyball instrument he invented won several awards at major events like the International Watch Fair, wherein fly ball seventh generation instrument into 2010 Swiss International Watch and Jewellery Show booth dedicated watchmaker independence for our country in the world watches and clocks contention a place.

This turtle dragon playing with a pearl instrument, Xu master took four years, mechanical transmission handmade ball, with base length of 1.15 m, including wide and 0.59 meters, 1.12 meters high, weighing about 150 kg. Appearance by the dragon turtle, the Great Wall, catfish, backgammon and other rich Chinese traditional culture implication member, and the clock, bridge composition, the base has a built-in mechanical power source, where the Great Wall in the possession of Qianlong, backgammon containing liter ball apparatus.

Playing with a pearl dragon turtle fabrication of very clever. Instrument 24-hour format, each to the whole point, Qianlong Great Wall will be slowly rising, while the dragon turtle on the Big Wheel also head mouth; with the “bang bang bang” Chinese gong sounded, dragon eye flashing in red, green dragon turtle places respond. Subsequently, the dragon turtle Pearl spit into the mouth of the dragon, and then slowly sinking, lost in the Great Wall, the dragon turtle then turn left 180 degrees, bow spit into the Pearl eagerly waiting for the catfish mouth. Finally, the dragon turtle right turn 180 degrees homing, Pearl into the bridge and rolled into the Big Wheel supplementary power to the clock movement, more than a dozen actions through mechanical linkage one go.

More Demands on Tag Heuer Smart Watches

Luxury smart watch, after all, there is a market! As a mechanical watch collectors, I do not think luxury watches providers to succeed in the smart watch. However, TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watch released prove me wrong, as a surge in demand for watches and interests.

TAG Heuer began a weekly production capacity increased from 1200 to 2000. According to Bloomberg, TAG Heuer retailers and dealers from Connected Smart Watch received orders for more than 100,000. Although not a direct end-user orders, but also a good illustration of the market demand.

TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver, said more smart watch models will be announced by the end of 2016 or early 2017, to provide more choices with new materials and diamonds. Biver saved as Blancpain and Hublot brand of genius, the TAG Heuer is positioned as the first company with a “big bang” to enter the smart watch business and ready to adopt the luxury watch manufacturer Android Wear large ecosystem.

$ 1,500 TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watch is very expensive, but after two years of use can watch the same redemption price of a TAG Heuer mechanical watches, such a strategy might be able to impress consumers who want to buy mechanical watches and smart sidelines.

There are Less Domestic Watches on the Market

Watch collection and paintings, porcelain, compared Although for the people, has been a little “small minority”, but Wang Meng Jin said the watch collection in China there is a certain history, but the development process there have been faults, there is a shrinkage transition stagnant period, with a mass scale as collection, only in the last twenty years to do. “However, despite the small proportion of the number of collection watches, but because of our large population, the absolute number of collectors or with a lot of the country there are about three hundred thousand collectors watch it.” Wang Meng Jin said.

And because the current domestic watch collection is still in its infancy, we watch is not enough awareness, less real knowledgeable people, therefore, a good prospect. Wang Meng Jin told reporters: “At present, the domestic watch, especially the price of the old timepiece does not high, or even still in the depression we go to Europe, found that the domestic stuff with side ratio, the difference is still very large price now. folk still have a lot of good things to survive in the world, but because little is known on the watch collectors, most only know some international brands, can Huiyanshizhu people Jianlou opportunity is still there. “Wang Meng Jin Road, for example, have had collectors several hundred thousand dollars to buy a table, and now prices have risen to a few million dollars. Another example is commonly known as the “eight pieces of” pocket watch, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and other Western countries between 1780-1911 for China-made, served as the first gift dedicated to the Qing Dynasty royal family, whose most prominent feature is made up of eight components “Chinese-style movement,” very oriental charm and appreciate the value of art, but not too much for a long time know, Jin Wang Meng himself a few years ago to spend a few hundred dollars to buy something.

In addition, the collectors are in the hands of “goods” point of view, people watch collection to the main table, the clock is much less. Currently the proportion of watch collection is about one to eight, that is, a person who conceals bell, eight personal collection table. Collection of watches itself Jun Ling believes that this may be with today’s Chinese people on the clock “bias”, since the “send bell” homonym for “nail in the coffin.” “In fact, the traditional Chinese folk customs, marriage is a must clock, the so-called ‘loose ends’; household furnishings in the past, both sides of the clock are often put two bottles, because the bell itself emits continuous beep sound answer, and bottle together meaning ‘life safety’ clock in the past is a symbol of good fortune, I would very much like the bell. “he introduced.

The Engine of Growth in Luxury Watches

Richemont and Roger Dubuis both sides refused to disclose the sale price. Vontobel analyst Rene Weber pointed out that the company, the purchase price is likely to be less than the annual turnover of Roger Dubuis. As of March of this year is expected, Roger Dubuis total turnover of 60 million euros.
China has always been the engine of growth of luxury goods, with the sharp slowdown in consumer demand, the watch industry has been severely affected. A weak market may make the watch more and more small brands to be integrated or acquisitions.
In recent years, with the turmoil in financial markets, macroeconomic instability and the smart watch market impact of many of the world’s leading watch manufacturers have long scarred, and was once the main driving force of Swiss watch exports in the Chinese market has also become their heavy burden.
According to the latest industry data show that as of November 2015, Swiss watch exports reached $ 19.45 billion, down 3.3%. As one of their biggest markets in Hong Kong, exports plunged nearly 25%, while China fell 5%.
Kepler Cheuvreux analyst Jon Cox revealed: “Roger Dubuis taking into account the current difficult environment, many watch brands have joined such as Swatch Group, LVMH Group and KERING other large company, so Roger Dubuis joined Richemont and let the industry feel strange. “

The Techniques to Make Watches and Clocks

January 20, 2014 to 24, the 24th Geneva Salon International Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) held as scheduled in five days received a total of about 14,000 visitors, of which about 1,300 media from around the world. On this part of Haute Horlogerie event, people in addition to the early adopters of the latest works of 16 brands, but also enjoy a name: visual feast “Astronomy son of horology” in. The Swiss Foundation for Advanced tab (FHH) launched a special exhibition has worked on the occasion of the International Watch Fair SIAR in Mexico City and London debut, the exhibition promoted by the measurement of time culture helps people understand the industry after a generation of humans Passing the origin and development, and the celestial and measurement time compared, in order to remind you – well-known day, month and year for all the stars from human observations.

Civilization from ancient times to the growing science and technology today, watchmakers have already created a universe of expression, originally as a scientific instrument, but now it is the desire of astronomers and enthusiasts thereof. This magical story about the Sun, the Earth, the moon and the universe will make visitors phase, calendar, calendar and many other equally fantastic and convey the magic and mystery of the universe, a mechanical device, and more nuanced understanding through May it has now been converted to Watch astronomical complex functionality. This exhibition is a tribute to human talent, it countless great thinkers, scientists and adventurers in their tireless efforts to prove to the public much more than just watch timing thing. The exhibition also explores the human definition of the universe from the laws of physics, the establishment of the Milky Way will eventually pedigree to the discipline applied to various stages of development of mechanical watchmaking.

From the Earth to the Moon, from the sun to the universe, “the son of astronomy: horology” traces for the understanding of our world and the human world is how to create various crucial discovery. It is worth mentioning that this year many brands released the latest SIHH watch seems coincident with the theme of this exhibition, Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Complication hit new series looking at the stars in a unique way, Lange Richard Lange Series Terraluna calendar watch table back in a rational picture of the Earth, moon and sun trajectory constellation diagram, and Cartier objects running style calendar watch and “Earth and the moon” Tourbillon dual time Tourbillon moon phase watch more there is no doubt linked with astronomy. Seen in this light, advanced watchmaking past, present and future, all have a bond with astronomy.

Germany is Teemed with Different Talents

Germany is not only a poet, thinker and composer of the country, more rich scientists, engineers, technicians, and the culmination of its manufacturing, especially the automotive industry and machinery manufacturing and world-renowned. This is a rational and romantic with equal stress nation.

Once lowly status of “Made in Germany” in the era of British industry dominated the world, decided to rise and be replaced. Currently, 31 machinery manufacturing sector in Germany has 17 world-leading position in the top three of a total of 27 departments. German manufacturing is called “all the plant factory”, it is the world’s factory maker. Such performance is not accidental, but has deep cultural reasons. China is becoming the world’s “manufacturing”, but not “manufacturing power.” Our key manufacturing facilities still rely on Germany and other developed countries.

In addition, we introduce German equipment, parts and processes, but can not create quality original (Germany) products. “Made in Germany” has become a “Made in China” an important reference. The rise of China’s manufacturing industry, we must study and introduction of the “Made in Germany” cultural factors behind, and to overcome the recent negative factors of modern national character, to carry out a recycling culture manufacturing.

Aims at Shocking the Whole World by Watch Making

Dreyfuss (Delaifosi) in 1895 in Switzerland, founded by Moise Dreyfuss, now based in the UK by the fourth generation descendant of the family Dreyfuss Robert Dreyfuss served as executive chairman. It is mainly engaged in watch design, manufacturing and maintenance operations for the UK and overseas markets, sales of watches and clocks. Its brand portfolio includes the best in the UK mid-market Swiss watch brands, more than 45 offices worldwide mid-market countries, the Swiss brand Rotary, the Swiss quality brand Dreyfuss & Co. and England quality brand J & T Windmills.

Through a number of regional retailers and third-party distributors, Dreyfuss Group not only rooted in European markets outside the UK, its international business covers the Far East (including Hong Kong and China) and the Middle East. The acquisition, Haidian Holdings saw what Dreyfuss in the UK and the global market have successfully established business platform.

Mr. President of the South Korea-China Haidian, said: “This acquisition provides a good opportunity for the Group, for its brand portfolio to join the traditional watch brands have far-reaching and has a huge appeal to consumers of the future, we will use the Group’s distribution network throughout the country. the Dreyfuss’s watch brand to international markets, in order to grasp the import of Chinese watch market, especially the huge potential of the mid-priced segment. with the Group timepieces distinguished reputation in Chinese market watches, combined Dreyfuss has successfully established and widely recognized brand, we are confident to create more value for shareholders. ”

This is not the first acquisition of overseas Haidian Group watch brands. In 2011, the Group has in Haidian 22.9 million Swiss francs (about 150 million yuan) acquired the Swiss watch brand eterna (Eterna), and harvesting capacity of its mechanical movement, the same name cheap tables, and Porsche (PorscheDesign) watches production agency. 2013, Haidian Holdings shot again to 86 million Swiss francs (about 560 million yuan) acquisition of high-end Swiss watch brand Corum, this is the first time Chinese buyers acquire Swiss luxury watch brands.

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