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High-end Watches are Not Good for Sale in Macao

It estimated that this year sales are not optimistic about the full year, high-end merchandise sales dismal, but the mid-range products sold relatively well. To optimize the structure of the industry at this time, to consolidate the existing business infrastructure, strengthening the mid-range tourists layout, I believe will get better next year, as well as a new round of growth.

Tourists are the main consumer retail Macau. There are retailers analysis, Europe, Japan and currency exchange rate falls, so many mainland tourists to Europe, the Japanese consumer, coupled with consumer willingness of mainland tourists are coming down, so should not be limited to the local Macau retail market, it should be extended to regional competition.

In the context of gaming revenues continued to fall, the decline in retail Macau Macau’s how sustainable economic development a reality problem. Macau Government Tourist Bureau recently said Wen Yee Wah, Macao is studying Trades From “along the way”, the promotion of “Maritime Silk Road” tourism theme, will visit along the “Silk Road economic belt” countries and regions, and the exchanges and cooperation. Tourism will vigorously develop the Southeast Asian market, combined with Guangdong, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other places together to promote “multi-destination” travel. The mainland market still has potential, we will change the situation in the past mainly in Guangdong tourists, and attract mainland tourists to other provinces, so that more tourists yuan.

There Macao media pointed out that Macau to get used to the new normal, so-called “normal” refers to the transition from a period of rapid growth in high-speed steady growth of the so-called “new” economy is turning from a Multi gaming single economic development, structural optimization balance.

A Student Who Masters Different Languages was Recruited into LVMH

Recently, the world-renowned luxury watch sales company PMT THE HOUR GLASS (Euro-kai) customer service site recruitment in Beijing five-star hotel – Millennium Hotel. After selecting layers more than a month, Shandong Vocational College of Foreign Affairs translation students outstanding performance has been highly praised employers, the recruitment of a total of 10 places, Shandong Vocational College of Foreign Affairs translation white Jing, Wang Xue, Sun day after three students rigorous selection from hundreds of interviewers come to the fore, having passed the examination, they will arrive this month, the company is located in Asia’s largest flagship store in the world of luxury watch sales in Phuket resort PMT tHE HOUR GLASS work.

THE HOUR GLASS company headquartered in Singapore, is Asia Pacific’s leading professional watch retail stores group, is the only watch retailer in Singapore Stock Exchange listing. Since its inception in 1979, has a global 24 countries and regions, stores, is cross-regional, multi-regional professional brand luxury watch retailer. Acting brands include Cartier (Cartier), Patek Philippe (Patek), Rolex (Rolex), Omega (Omega), Jaeger LeCoultre (Jaeger), Tudor (Tudor), Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet), Breguet (Breguet), etc. More than 50 luxury brands. The company will provide top sales elite training system. Perfect promotion channels, comprehensive performance incentive program, excellent working environment, it will lay a solid foundation for the students career.

Since March 2013, Shandong Interpreters Vocational College and University Graduates Employment Information Network of Shandong docking, according to overseas talent needs of multinational companies, we promptly set up overseas employment train. So far, more than 50 people to obtain overseas employment visa, the success went to Singapore, Thailand-end jobs, the average monthly income of 8000-12000 yuan.

Several Supervisors Working for LVMH Have been Designated

By weaker demand and the impact of weak sales, famous watch maker Tag Heuer TAG Heuer interim CEO and president of parent company LVMH watch Jean-Claude Biver told Reuters in an interview that the brand has in the end of 2014 to “cleanse” more highly tube to cut jobs, while promoted from within the staff serving more than marketing, sales, customer service and other functions important positions, driving the attempt to re-brand watch sales.

China and Hong Kong anti-corruption due to the weak market, as the first and third largest Swiss watch export market downturn led directly to the Swiss watch exports in the past two years were only 1.9% increase, the Swiss watch exports to China market is recorded in two consecutive years It declines. Jean-Claude Biver in September 2014 disclosed that Tag Heuer TAG Heuer will therefore be cut, and it will cut 46 management and production positions and set 49 employees on temporary unemployment, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer, former president and CEO Stéphane Linder also leaving at the end of 2014 from the company.

Jean-Claude Biver explained promoted from within first, because brand management experience changes such as the introduction of talent from the outside brought fear destruction, the second is the internal staff a better understanding of the company and the brand’s history and culture.

Allegedly Tag Heuer TAG Heuer annual sales of about 900 million euros, of which about one-third from the United States the largest single market, accounting for the Group’s brand watches, jewelry sector annual revenue of about 2.782 billion euros in the third. LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (MC.PA) Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton Group fiscal 2014 watches and jewelry segment revenues increased 3% on a comparable basis increased by 4%, but the sector’s net profit from continuing operations It slumped 23 percent to 283 million euros, almost since 2013 –2014 global watch brands are basically clear inventory, discount sales, the Hong Kong market is particularly serious.

Children’s GPS Watches are Hot for Sale Now

At the same time in recent years, targeting children watch suddenly appeared in front of consumers, children and watch flagship RTLS voice intercom / call function with its lost children, parenting accompany Lack of deep thinking, parents’ generation to meet consumer demands, sales continued hot. While stationed Abba cho Children watch category targeting a pioneer in the market share performance is not weak, and the transverse compared to other brands, sugar cat in product concept, features innovative aspects of the introduction of more praise.

Sugar Cats by Sogou company launched super children watch. The latest launch of the new sugar cat T2 series for children aged 6-12 designed, in terms of both hardware and software, a comprehensive reform. The new sugar cat T2 possession of child phone, real-time positioning, storytelling, family chats, voice dialing, health pedometer, super hearing, a button for help, emergency call, remote alarm clock, voice broadcast, weather broadcast, cloud upgrade, baby dynamics 15 major functions, is the most powerful, comprehensive product.

Other brands and emphasize “safe” concept is different from sugar cat from the beginning of the starting point is the “communication and companionship.” Sugar Cat believes that communication is a rigid demand between parents and children, this demand is ongoing, high-frequency degrees. Cities, parents work outside during the day, the elderly or children at home with the aunt, this is actually a window of time, parents do not have time with their children. Through sugar cat products can really help parents communicate with their children, help parents to accompany their children the desire to achieve, close relations among family members.

Hanzhou Building Sells More than 10 Million Yuan Watches in One Day

“Oh, my cell phone signal, unable to pronounce the micro-letter friends!” Was still a senior student Chen Wei, at 19:30 on January 1st headlong into Wu Lin Yintai, I wanted and made an appointment to meet a friend, but found the phone simply not on the network, the reason is – too many people.

January 1, Yan’an Road Baida, Wu Lin Yintai NUS almost “overcrowded”, not only counters shopping malls full of people, even on the outside of the bridge is black pressure pressure of the crowd.

From seven o’clock start, the cashier mall lined begin, team up and down the escalators and the crowd barely together, “I bought more than 300 pieces of things, billing spend ten minutes queuing, queuing to pay and spent thirty minutes. “Chen Wei said.

To nine o’clock, the mall crowd reached its peak, and even move pace seemed difficult, and more busy to count major counter salesperson. Uniqlo counter, two in charge of billing clerk busy almost no time on the toilet, “ball-point pen is finished, only the billing with a pencil, not a moment to be able to stop.” Salesperson said.

Crowds, but also to Hangzhou Tower, Intime Department Stores, Cabernet, Lixing, Vientiane City and many other department stores to delay to the early morning hours, which is the latest closing Wu Lin Yintai, it has been more than two in the morning, customers before being dispersed.

Japanese Market Needs More Watches

Japan’s department store sales of jewelery, continued to show the smooth development. By April 3 to affect stock prices, the prices of foreign brands is expected to lead to short-term explosive demand for consumer purchases increased strongly. With the expected stock price stagnation, positive trend jewelery will also come to an end. High commodity active, did not affect the sales prices, customer demand is very stable. Expected after the consumption tax hike in April next year, sales of jewelery will develop smoothly.

From 3 to sales of watches and jewelery Daimaru Matsuzakaya’s nine main stores in June, the jewelry increased by 65.2% over last year, an increase of 37.9% watch. In June, sales increased 40.8% for jewelery, watches and clocks, increased 42.3%. From 3 to the monthly growth rate in June, the June jewelry sales growth rate second only to May, sales of watches to achieve growth.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, Mitsukoshi Ginza store, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi main store three stores, in April, watches and jewelry sales rose 40% in May increased by 20% downward trend, 6 months to achieve 30% growth, showing signs of recovery. According to Isetan Mitsukoshi women ministers jewelry watches for children Commodities omnibus portion Haruo Yamazaki said that this was 20 years of substantial growth in the third. In April, a variety of factors Shinjuku store decoration effect and prices before the outbreak of the purchase, etc. overlap, resulting in an increase of extraordinary. Turning to the future market trend he believes that even with the impact of inflation and other unfavorable factors, consumer demand for jewelry is still on the rise.

Takashimaya MD Department selected clothing groceries, jewelry unit buyers Shigeru Aoki said: “Takashimaya from the beginning of the year sold more than last year, beginning in April increased by 20% to 30% higher than last year, June performance is also very good . “March activities have a positive impact on sales after April trends within the shop is also active, the customer is no longer confined to a few wealthy class, consumer groups began to expand. Customer price increase is very significant, Isetan Mitsukoshi main store three customer price increased by 20%. Such as 500 million yen or more goods, in April last year sold only one, in April this year sold six. May sales of luxury goods also increased by 40%.

A Famous Watch Manufacturer in Shenzhen

Emperor Long Table was established in June 2011, is the first innovation “jewelry store counter Watch” business model of the brand, the main quality watches, 2014 CCTV New Year broadcasting enterprises, CCTV “influence Dialogue” column partners. After four years of innovation and development, Tai waves in major cities in the country has more than 500 sales outlets, product sales and customer satisfaction in multiples of annual growth.

Construction of the core team, to create a pioneer idea, to create customer value. Emperor ronin to unite and forge ahead, and common prosperity, to play the spirit of wide access to watches, jewelry industry is highly praised, has been named in the ER “national watch industry customer satisfaction 3A enterprise” and “top ten most trusted consumer brand watches “; in 2014 won the Chinese famous brand nurturing committee” first watch and jewelery brand “reputation; the same year, the famous Hong Kong movie star Mr. Eddie Kwan added, as emperor waves brand into a new vitality.

Di Lang, founder CEO: Qin Hui, Chinese Communist Party, Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association, Shenzhen jewelry industry associations, Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association, vice chairman of Shenzhen Luohu District Quality and Technology Association and other duties. From 1998 goldsmith workshop started operating in 2009 jewelry chain 27, 2011, decided to enter the watch industry, four years eight people business team to run the market value of billions of dollars. Someone once commented: “Qin Hui is a rather common brand paranoid person can see from him in recent years, a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs who control the market break their own place in the world in microcosm; Dili wave is the Internet thinking transformation of the traditional model of a pioneer, but also the contemporary watch industry leader. “

Watches Maker in Hong Kong

Over the past six months in Hong Kong “in accounting” and a series of demonstrations against the anti-parallel off mainland tourists, a severe blow to Hong Kong’s retail industry, where high-end retail influence even more, single-turnover Easter holidays has dropped three Zhisi Cheng.

Albert Yeung, Chairman of Emperor Group yesterday said the group’s watch and jewelery shop, the Mainland visitors to Hong Kong reduced, and more ready to come to Hong Kong suffered discrimination, “and people give me trouble, and give me kicked luggage!” With the purpose of all visitors currently shopping is for personal use, reducing the gifts, all the high-end business reasons for the decline. Its watch and jewelery store sales in the holiday, fell four percent over last year, “In the past two cards, three cards and five cards diamond diamonds, sell a few grains daily, according to family a week to sell a maximum of twelve, very awful!”

He said the peers Chow Tai Fook (01929) and Luk Fook Holdings (00590), the turnover of the same period fell by three percent. As he expected that the retail industry will “have ranked light”, its watch and jewelery business operations this year will fall by three percent, turnover among the poor shop, consider not renew the lease, and, in order to meet market requirements, store or considering the sale of some of the price is slightly cheaper goods, rather than store now sold watches, priced at more than $ 30,000, however, the group stage No layoffs.

Earlier Emperor Watch and Jewellery (00887) also pointed out that rent for about twelve years Percival ground floor 59 to 61 September this year lease, because rents will be more likely to change.

Smart Watch Priced More than $1500

Earlier last year, Tiger TAG Heuer together with Intel and Google launched a called the most “trench” smart watch. In fact, to say it more expensive, and can only say okay, after all, $ 1,500 did not complete can not afford to the point. But the price of smart watch inside, and indeed is considered quite high. But even so, it is still about a month after listing, selling off the pin which is obviously a terrible thing, but also fully proved the truth:!!!! Rich is more.

Even after Tiger Hoya will increase production capacity by more than 60%, or can not meet the needs of the user’s purchase. In this case, they even temporarily suspended the online sale of this watch, it can only be purchased at the store which – of course, this does not necessarily have the goods.

And now, according to foreign news media came, the situation finally changed. Because Tiger TAG Heuer has been re-opened its online sales platform. And let this incident TAG Heuer Tiger aspect full of confidence, they will even Intel and Google or some other companies continue to cooperate in this year more smart watch device.

Overall speaking, this smart watch TAG Heuer Tiger styling similar to its traditional mechanical watch Carrera series, it can be seen from the outside full of “trench” gas, which is probably why it provoked a lot of people desire to buy a considerable reason. After all, life style have the spending power of people, perhaps this is really difficult to refuse.

Smart Watches are Hot Sale for Children

On August 26, correspondent in the city a number of cell phone stores Dongshan Avenue, have seen different brands of smart watches. According to one of the store’s sales staff briefing, nearly two months, every day some parents to buy for their children smart watch, the best time of day to sell a dozen units.

Reporter survey found that market sales of children’s intelligence watches price from 200 yuan to a thousand dollars, that looked an ordinary electronic watch, but can be installed in the table SIM card with phone calls. Follow the instructions to install on the phone APP software parents can watch positioning software, the trail map, the children travel route at a glance. Many of the brand is also based on the child at home, at school, at home, such as different scenes, set the security mode, interference-free mode, monitoring mode, tracking mode, sleep mode, you can send a voice message. Each watch comes with SOS button, if in case of emergency, press the SOS button can call for help.

At a cell phone store, Chan told reporters that members of the public, to children with smart watch, is directed at the “Anti-lost” feature to go, “Now mobile phones are smart machines, bigger in size, with a convenient, many times a child with a cell phone They have become toys, play phone also hurt the eyes, this smart watch more convenient. “

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