Safe and Trustworthy Smart Watch Manufacturer

The vendor vulnerability disclosed Shenzhen City-based Tongchuang Electronics Co., Ltd. This company is targeting children watch manufacturers targeting motherboard solution that provides built-in panel to watch makers combination molding, then save by the manufacturer to watch, that is, we often say “white” products.

An insider said: “Because it is the public version of the male mold, ease of production, the manufacturer in order to catch the production rate to get the motherboard directly processed directly encrypting step is omitted, while shipments panel makers to consider, directly on the abolition of the panel encryption, manufacturers, processors while ignoring the encryption panel, so that hackers can freely call directly to the panel data interface, and parents get even end equivalent to control permissions and technical personnel, and all this, simply password cracking tools can be completed. ”

The source also pointed out that the brand in question are in fact no independent intellectual property rights and research and development capabilities of small factories: “This is actually the industry’s low-cost manufacturers a common problem, that is, heavy yield, while ignoring the most basic security issues a lot. Taobao manufacturers for the cost of the pursuit of ignoring basic safety quality, and now has no way to remedy. such products Taobao price of dozens of pieces to a two hundred dollars, compared to the big brand price advantage is obvious , so shipments also great. “

Smart Watch Made by Alibaba Group

Smart watch movements, and smart watch, intuitive concept gives it a product, rather than a company, however, from the Shenzhen-based company is really called “smart meter core technology”, that is, for their products the majority of traditional watch manufacturers smart watch movements.

Smart Form core technology to transform the traditional quartz movement, a movement with the smart chips integrated to form an integrated form the core SmartMovtC001. It is the volume of the original table is basically the same core, it is installed in a conventional watch case where instead of the traditional movement, you can make the watch has a traditional appearance of the watch, long battery life and step counter, message alerts and other intelligent functions.

Implemented in such a small form the core of intelligent and achieve long battery life is not an easy thing, this, Wang Hui said: “The traditional watch industry, by the history of sedimentation and manufacturing technology of habit for a long time, the machine core manufacturer, solutions provider and a watch factory in their respective segments buried development, it was difficult for them to be able to integrate the whole industry chain resources, open up technical barriers, lead the watch industry intelligence process. ”

Smart form the core technology R & D team watch industry across traditional industry and smart dressed, some in the watch industry for over 10 years, but also in 2007 began to study smart wearable electronics, communications equipment professionals. Let’s cross-border team background on the intelligent transformation of the traditional table have inherent advantages. we started 13 years form the core of this study, both in the main chip, software and hardware design, component selection, movement or intelligent modules, the antenna structure, APP build on the current R & D results have skillful and technical experience.

Hewlett-Packard Smart Watch Designed by Michael Bastian

Hewlett-Packard last year by the Michael Bastian MB Chronowing watch design, configuration, non-touch monochrome display, but there are some smart features. Now, HP and Swiss watch suppliers Movado (Movado) to launch a new watch –Movado Bold Motion. Pointer has a stylish new watch design, however, and MB Chronowing as, under the disguise is actually a networked watch.

Bold Motion water level of 50 meters, made of stainless steel, black or black vacuum coating technology vacuum coating process. Both are equipped with a black silicone rubber strap containing 3M reflective material.

Bold Motion App does not use heavy digital display, the configuration is standard 44mm dial and LED backlight (blue or white). You can not return messages or read messages on your watch. However, LED light will be notified when the message to remind you through a specific radiation pattern and vibration.

Bold Motion is also equipped with a number of steps tracker, your daily progress through the ring around the dial display. It is said that before charging the battery again to support a whole week, equivalent to the level of Pebble.

You can set which notifications you want to receive, such as social software reminders, e-mail, calendar, travel, etc., you can also set the target of daily steps by supporting App. App is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Big Profit Attracts More Manufacturers

This year’s hottest wearable equipment to a number of smart watch, for many consumers, but smart enough to tide watches prices are high enough.

Apple outlets in a public Xiao Zhao told reporters: “I usually love running, so want to buy a smart watch, but this price is close to 3,000 yuan, I have to think about, after all, just to exercise with, the price is too high . ”

With the smart watch boom surging, more and more manufacturers to join the ranks of the smart watch manufacturers, Moto second-generation smart watch price 1999 yuan, 2599 yuan pricing Huawei smart watch. According to insiders, Smart Watch is a new wearable intelligent equipment, large profit margins, naturally attracted major manufacturers have joined, but manufacturers should take into account consumer spending levels.

Different Timing Tools in Moden Society

Traditional watch here, although the watch is just a timing tool, but in modern society, the way people get more and more time, so the more traditional watch is played acts as an accessories. Therefore, the traditional fashion watch out attributes are highlighted, so the traditional liberal arts women watch these vendors, the color value of the watch everything, rather than to provide a lot of features on I do not know whether or not usable.
Fortunately, with the deepening of advances in technology, and intelligent concepts, technology giant Polytechnic these men who come to realize the smart watch first of all if a watch for the job and the traditional liberal arts women watch these manufacturers are also aware of the wave of non-intelligent barrier, so both are struggling to find a balance between the value of intelligence and fashion color, and perhaps one day with both traditional technology can achieve the perfect balance also said not necessarily.
But now do, after enough of those technology companies in the smart watch, let us take stock of what those traditional watch manufacturers introduced high fashion color value smart watch it, these smart watch may not have the technology giant these Polytechnic functionally M has launched a product so powerful, but do not have a flavor.

Fossil Spent Much Money on Purchasing Misfit

Smart watch function and tasteless compared to sports bracelet because of practicality and began to spread around the world, industry mergers and acquisitions has become increasingly active. November 12, the US fashion manufacturer Fossil Group announced it will spend $ 260 million acquisition of US sports bracelet manufacturer Misfit. China Jingdong Mall and millet are currently shareholders of the company.

According to the US technology news site CNET reported, Fossil Group is headquartered in Texas Richardson, the main use of its own brand production and sales of watches, jewelry, other owned brands include Skagen, Zodiac, in addition the company also Adidas, DKNY and other companies OEM production of fashion products.

The company announced Thursday, will spend $ 260 million acquisition of Misfit. Future, the company plans to combine their design capabilities in the field of fashion and Misfit science and technology development strength, the introduction of better wear products.

Sports Wear market is very active, Apple has not introduced sports bracelet, but its main feature is the Apple Watch sport health monitoring, in addition to the front line of the global smart phone manufacturers have introduced a motion hand ring, there are a number of Adidas, Nike Sports brands have entered the market.

And now, more luxury and fashion brands are entering the field of sports bracelet, luxury watch manufacturer, including before entering the Tag Heuer. After completing the acquisition, CEO and co-founder of Misfit Sonny Vu ​​will become Fossil group of executives, who will serve as president and chief technology officer duties wearable product.

Movado Luxury Watches Manufacturers Launched A New Smart Watch

Movado is a light build luxury watches famous old watchmaker; face of the market whirlwind blowing smart watch, Movado be outdone, followed by other Swiss watch manufacturers into this latest wave together. On Movado Monday news conference, the company released its new smart watch –Movado Motion and Bold Motion, corresponding to two series of men and women, watches with LED lights and sensors from the Hewllet Packard (HP) research and development.

Why choose HP as the sensor supplier? In fact, this is a two-way choice. Movado Motion Bold Motion and HP is also an exploration company in the field of computer-derived, they will take to develop the “modern high-tech” jewelry and clothing accessories in the field of research and development. Last October, HP hired a well-known fashion designer Micheal Bastian designed a male smartwatch –MB Chronowing. HP PR director, Mike Hokey told The Verge of reporters: “Our partnership with these brands, they will inject fashion sense into our design, we have the technology to add intelligence and sense of technology for their products.”

Movado’s cooperation with HP is second with luxury brands to join, this time from the perspective of aesthetic design new smart watch. Movado Motion and Bold Motion rid of the majority of round smartwatch in electronic lit screen in favor of a traditional design with a pointer dial, blue iris circle under the glass surface, very beautiful and elegant. When paired iOS or Android phone, when a message is received, the blue iris will light up to alert the user. Aperture and brightness of different colors corresponding to different kinds of information Tip: For example, when the aperture blink when the mean-do calendar is about to expire, watch the minute hand flashing means the phone has received the facebook information push. This information reminder mode can be set by Mavodo phone APP.

Apple Watch Shocks the World’s Watch Market

In the delivery of 8.1 million smart watch, Apple and Samsung in the lead, the former market share of 63%, shipments of 5.1 million, while the latter’s market share was 16%, shipments of 1.3 million.

It is worth mentioning that the fourth quarter of last year, the global smart watch sales rose as high as 316 percent, only 1.9 million over the same period last year. This is mainly because, in April last year, Apple introduced the Apple Watch, while the fourth quarter of 2014, the market mainly from Android smart watch manufacturers and similar Pebble company.

Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Moston (Neil Mawston) said that the Swiss watch industry for smart watch the reaction speed is very slow, the Swiss watch industry has taken an ostrich policy, hoping smart watch can burn itself out. Swiss brands such as TAG Heuer, in the fourth quarter of 2015, global shipments of smart watches share of only 1% in high-growth areas of smart watches far behind Apple, Samsung and other leaders.

Additionally, Strategy Analytics report last summer, Apple in the second quarter of the global smart watch market share of 75%. Apple Watch decline in market share may show that Apple’s push smart watches are becoming mainstream, many Android users are starting to buy is compatible with your phone’s watch, which contributed to increase the overall market size.

Motion Tracking for Swiss Watches

Swiss watch manufacturer National Railways (Mondaine) has a good pedigree. The company’s watch design is based on 1944 Hans Hill Fick (Hans Hilfiker) for the Swiss railway clock design, information on the dial is easy to read, and loved by many collectors. Currently, however, the company decided to design the most sense watches Helvetica add some technological elements.

Helvetica watch has a design that we know and love. The watch dial has a national standard iron table, and a sub-dial, you can display the user’s day of activity. The motion tracking device uses technology from MMT support pedometer and sleep tracking.

The watch battery life time of two years, provided the motion tracking and “Sleep Cycle Alarm” function, users can wake up in a shallow sleep period users. The watch can also be synchronized with the phone, set the date and time. There is no doubt that this is not the Apple Watch has a similar product, the idea is to combine a sense of design and technology.

This watch is not clear pricing, prices are expected to slightly less than $ 1,000. The watch in this year’s Baselworld were displayed. This again shows us that the Swiss watch industry is what kind of way, to deal with the development of smart watches.

Comment on the Performance of Wearable Device Chips

Small to large national strategies to facilitate civil Beidou navigation is becoming increasingly important. Beidou chip into the smart wearable market momentum is also increasingly apparent. Micro Branch, Hua Tai, and the stars through the core, the core dreams Wuhan and many other manufacturers have launched a wearable applications based on Beidou chip and is put into the market. However, the smart wearable market Beidou chip adoption and there is no scale, the Beidou chip is still in the introduction phase. Faced UBLOX, MTK occupy existing market structure, how to break?

Compass smart wearable smart watches have been covered, positioning shoes, bags, clothes, personal Tracker and many other products, of which the most prominent children’s watch market. As early as August 2014 Ai Beko launched Beidou angel children watch, is China’s Beidou satellite navigation system used in the field of children’s first civilian research products. A small 2015 Abba cho Children watch call release, set Compass + GPS + GLONASS positioning, supplemented WiFi + LBS positioning to achieve five relocation error even accurate to between 1 meter. Huawei glory also small K, through GPS, Compass, WiFi, base stations, gravity sensor to locate. Compass to locate the wearer as a selling point in the product has been widespread concern.

In 2015, the smart wearable market experienced child-oriented smart watch a large amount of explosive wave of market, the domestic chip manufacturers have also introduced a number of intelligent wearable Beidou chip, want to take this chance to take off. Said Liu Jian Guangzhou Shenzhen Weir Technology Development Co., Ltd., director of marketing in the smart wearable market, six months before Branch micro targeting put into UBLOX, active preparation. After Branch Compass micro chip launched in 2015, a succession of small quantities to supply children watch manufacturer. Cooperation with clouds Xiamen, Dongguan and other manufacturers in the intellectual standard positioning shoe market, there are a small ship.

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